how to ombre brows to match ombre hair, eyebrow tutorial

Makeup is fun. And yes, I can say the same thing with eyebrows. While I highly favor natural-looking brows, I’m the type who gets easily bored sticking to a specific routine so to break the monotony of it all, ‘thought I’d show you how  I achieve ombre brows to match my ombre hair (oops, somebody needs root touch-ups now, haha!).

You’ve read and heard it bajillion times but it’s true, well-defined and groomed brows frame your face. Need proof? here’s moi before and after. I can forego mascara but I’m not going anywhere without fixing my uneven eyebrows. 

how to ombre brows to match ombre hair, eyebrow tutorial

Come, get ready with me!

how to ombre brows to match ombre hair, eyebrow tutorial

1. Pluck stray hairs as necessary, it’s the first step to groomed brows

2. Brush brows with spoolie

3. With the lightest brown matte eyeshadow from your stash (I used Viseart, review and swatches here), use an angled eyebrow brush to outline inner to mid-section of your eyebrow. For this tutorial, I used my favorite from Beauty Junkees, the pro-Brow Brush.  It’s double-ended, with angled-tip brush on one side and spoolie on the other (very affordable at $10!). As a side note, this particular brow brush picks up just the right amount of product whether you are using powder, gel, or cream. (check out my review of Beauty Junkees eye brush set and face kabuki set)

4. Lightly fill the outline with gentle strokes (towards the direction of hair growth)

5. From midway to the end tail of your eyebrow, continue outlining and filling with the darkest brown matte eyeshadow

6. Brush hair with spoolie (or follow with brow gel to set hairs in place)

how to ombre brows to match ombre hair, eyebrow tutorial

With minimal makeup (Guerlain Lingerie BB Cream, NARS Creamy Concealer, Mwah Lip Balm), I’m ready to go out. Now you know what I’m talking about, groomed brows or go home, haha!

* own purchase + pr sample *

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