Product Empties, Dermalogica, Cetaphil, Lindi, Cocoa Brown, The Body Shop, Lalicious, Alterna 10, Macadamia Professional

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This post is pretty straightforward, no staging or creative input background-wise; after all, we are talking about empty products waiting to be tossed the minute I finish writing this. So I better not dilly-dally, let’s jump right into it ladies!

Product Empties, Dermalogica, Cetaphil, Lindi, Cocoa Brown, The Body Shop, Lalicious, Alterna 10, Macadamia Professional

I’m all about scrubs. Yes, I go thru tubs after jars after tubes. The latest fave and must-repurchase on my list is Lalicious Extraordinary Whipped Sugar Scrub. Sugar Tiare Flower is Hawaii in a tub, it smells so good like the real tiare/gardenia, scrubs like a boss, and hydrates like no other. I don’t need to apply lotion or body butter after rinsing because my skin feels unbelievably soft and moisturized! The Body Shop Smoky Poppy Seed is okay. I like the cute poppy seeds but the fragrance isn’t something I’d gravitate to. Cocoa Brown Tough Stuff (reviewed here) is an affordable option, gritty enough to exfoliate dead skin cells.

Product Empties, Dermalogica, Cetaphil, Lindi, Cocoa Brown, The Body Shop, Lalicious, Alterna 10, Macadamia Professional

I have been using Cetaphil for as long as I can remember. It’s an irreplaceable drugstore brand that does the job and great for acne-prone or sensitive skin. Lindi Face Wash (reviewed here) is a good alternative because it was originally formulated for severely-compromised skin. It took me forever to finish Avene Gentle Toner just because I don’t use toner that frequently now. Reason being, I already pre-cleanse with Dermalogica wipes (reviewed here), then use Clarisonic while at the shower. Too much cleansing can also strip skin’s natural moisture.

Product Empties, Dermalogica, Cetaphil, Lindi, Cocoa Brown, The Body Shop, Lalicious, Alterna 10, Macadamia Professional

You may already know that I have long, wavy and color-treated hair that requires TLHC. Tender Loving Hair Care. Macadamia Professional is quite a recent discovery (review and hair tutorial here). I am considering to purchase this Nourishing Moisture combo because both smell good, wash and condition my hair beautifully. I had high hopes for Alterna 10 but unfortunately both shampoo and conditioner didn’t pass my ever so picky nose (I believe I purchased both at Hautelook). Waste not want not so despite the letdown, I forced myself to consume up to the last drop.

What have you finished lately?

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29 thoughts on “May Empties: Body Scrubs, Facial Cleansers & Hair Care

  • I feel like I never really have empties….but I always change up my products before I have a chance to finish them. I guess things like face wipes and cleanser stuff would count as an empty for me, haha.

  • Like you, I run through tubs of scrubs as well. The Macadamia hair products are in my list to try. As far as things I've used up… Kiehls Creme de corp, Skin Inc Serum, dermalogica age defense moisturizer, and neutrogena wipes.

  • The Lalicious Sugar Tiare Scrub sounds divine. I need it! I am in awe that you finished the Lindi Face Wash. I love all the other Lindi products I've tried and I've even purchased the eye cream and am about to buy another, but I can't get past the scent of the Face Wash. Mine smells like a bad herb or bad chemical. Does your smell? I almost tossed it last night, but my frugalness prevented me from doing so, yet I still might 'coz I rarely use it

  • Macadamia Professional makes the best deep conditioner!
    If you're looking to try something new the new Living Proof Curly Line is great.

  • I emptied out my Simple Sugar body scrub!

  • I absolutely love Lalicious scrubs, I have sensitive skin and it's perfect.

  • I have been thinking of trying Alterna 10 products, but I'll probably pass them now.

  • B

    Good ole' Cetaphil. It's a classic that I haven't used in a whiiiiile. Thanks for putting it back on my radar!

  • I have tired the Lindi products and they are wonderful! Also, I love your photos!

  • I'm running low on Shea Moisture's Manuka Honey & Mafura Oil conditioner. It got me through the bitter NYC cold like a champ. I'm putting Lalicious on my list of must-try because I love gardenias!

  • Love your empties! I still haven't written my post, but I have quite a few of my own this month. I agree about that Cetaphil cleanser, it's like the holiest of grails for any skin type. I got a huge bottle sitting on my own bathroom counter.

  • The Macadamia Professional line sounds promising!

  • I love the Macadamia Pro products, I love everything I have tried!

  • I got some Lalicious scrub (coconut) recently and I'm crazy about it. It is just lovely! I always get a little thrill when I finish up my empties. I think it's just me feeling a tiny bit less of a hoarder LOL.

  • It's a sad day when *I* empty a Macadamia product!

  • I hate when I run out of my favorite skin care products. What I normally use has been on back order for weeks. Meanwhile, my skin is breaking out like crazy. =(

  • That's a good amount of empties. I finished my Lindi Face Wash too but not much else lately.

  • I too love scrubs, I use a great facial scrub on my workout days. I feel like it takes all the grit and grime from my work out off LOL! Great review girl, thanks for sharing!

  • That's a lot of empties!!

  • Those Alterna bottles are so pretty, I'd be hard pressed to toss them! lol. I want to try the Macadamia, though – seems like it would work well on my crazy hair. I actually saved some empties to try a post like this – it feels like such an accomplishment to finish something! lol.

  • Excellent jog with your empties! You really finished up a lot of full size products, Bravo!

  • You've sold me on the Macadamia Professional. I've been looking at it for awhile and I think I need to buy it!

  • The Lalicious Extraordinary Whipped Sugar Scrub sounds like perfection!

  • I love my Dermalogica wipes! Those scrubs look nice- I guess they must be if you went through them so fast.

  • I think body scrubs are my favorite thing to finish. I go through at leas a couple of containers a month!

  • I have been wanting to try Lalicious now for quite a while so I really really need to get my hands on some of their goodies.

  • Wow! Lots of good products there!

  • I go through a ton of scrubs, I need to try these.

  • My husband bought me the Poppy lotion & I graciously accepted…but not really for me either 😉

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