Aging won’t slow me down, inactivity will. That has been my mantra since joining the big #club40 in 2014. I vow to defy age and savor the healthiest life possible. If you recall my mini-update, I ditched meat and seafood altogether and became 100% vegetarian last year (I shared how I transitioned here); I also gifted myself a treadmill to compliment my hula-hoop and hiphop exercise. But you know what remains to be the biggest hurdle? it’s the motivation zillas! My so-called treadmill enthusiasm sort of fizzled along the way. Leaving early for work and coming home late dead tired left me no time to squeeze in an hour or two on weekdays to exercise. Twice a week (on weekends) ain’t cutting it for me. 

Walk the Talk. Not too long ago, I shared what motivates me to stay active (you can read everything here). Last month, I decided to walk to work so I can have my daily dose of exercise as well as boost Vitamin D supplementation, thanks to perfect Hawaii morning sunshine! For reference, work distance is roughly 3 minute-drive, equivalent to 25 minute-walk (with my small baby steps, haha!). While I enjoyed the breeze and birds’ melodic chirps, I needed variety to break this monotony.  

Bike the Talk. Not a pro here, not yet! The last time I biked was hundreds and hundreds of moons ago, I’m talking circa 90s perhaps. But as the song goes, Ain’t no mountain high enough and while I admit to feeling hella nervous on my first bike ride to work, I am more than elated to have conquered my fear of the not-so-unknown. Sweat, sweat, sweat. What a great cardio workout! Why haven’t I thought of biking early on?

I’m a work in progress obviously, here’s moi last weekend during my bike ride practice. I’m such a baby, haha!

Hi! #bike #bestofday #justdoit #aloha #hello

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I will be sharing what’s on my backpack essentials next time (as if the world cares ha?)

How are you keeping up with your fitness goals?

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30 thoughts on “Fitness Update | Bike The Talk #staymotivated

  • You are such an inspiration, twinsy!

  • Jeff is the big biker easily riding 20+ miles a day, but sometimes he'll go with me on the Rails-to-Trails pathway and I can do about 10 miles. I enjoy riding but not on the street. It's a great change from jogging since it uses different muscles. I love your bike.

  • I really hope to get a bike when we move, it seems like a fun way to get and stay in shape! You look great!

  • We have bikes and haven't used them in years, oops! Cute outfit too!

  • The hubs and I are planning on getting bikes this year. However, we love to hike so that is what we do when we have time. We have to stay active that is for sure!

  • Loved this post! Biking is totally one of my favorite ways to exercise, and I love the feel of the wind against my skin when I'm riding.

    • I agree, the adrenalin, wind and sunshine 🙂 Just need to be careful when crossing pedestrian lane because drivers here in HI have no mercy. I wear the helmet all the time 'tho

  • Thanks for all the motivation. Biking is a great way to get exercise, while enjoying the scenery.

  • I was just telling mike over the weekend that I need to buy a bike.

  • Girl you are amazing! Such an inspiration!

  • You are such an inspiration.

  • Ooh – girl, I love your bike. Ya know – besides a stationary one for exercising, I haven't rode a bike in at least 10 years. But, they say you never forget… and I loved to ride so I need to buy me one and get with it.

    • I can attest to that Honey. Hub was surprised when I rode the bike coz I kept telling him I am nervous coz I haven't rode one in years. Plus when I got this one from Mccully Bike, I was quite unsure if I have picked the right model. Long story short, the moment I pedaled, I just kept on going. So yes, once it's in you it won't go away. I am enjoying my bike commute to work now, not looking glam of course but who cares, haha!

  • I wish I was as inspired as you. You're on the right track.

  • I've wanted to get a bike for the longest. Now that I've moved out of the city I'm even more motivated to purchase one. They're fun to ride and help you get your cardio on. FYI: I haven't ridden a bike in years, so I will probably need training wheels.

  • I love riding a bike! You truly do forget how… I hadn't been on a bike in 15 years when I hopped back on thinking all positive things. I ended up taking my first ride with my legs straight out to the sides LMAO my DH STILL makes fun of me to this day!

    • LOL, that's funny. But it's the opposite w/ moi, I was surprised myself I can bike after all thosssseeee years. It takes practice 'tho. I hate incline but that's when I get the most cardio. I'm sweaty as hell when I get to the clinic but that's where my beautyblogging comes. I have all the things to freshen up.

  • You are doing fantastic! I am jealous you live in Hawaii. Our weather here doesn't permit a lot of outdoor fun.

  • Do you shower at work? Good for you for finding new ways to break the monotony!

  • I've wanted a bike but I don't know where I'd bike to.

  • I used to love walking so much. Until I hurt my back. Now I can't walk very long distances 🙁

  • I actually don't know how to ride a bike, but I can see how it can really help you get and keep fit.

  • I have a bike but I've been unable to do anything outside here in the high heat and humidity because it triggers my rosacea. So I'm stuck with just going to the gym.

  • I really need to get back to bike riding. I was so healthy back then

  • You are awesome. I need to get off my butt and do some exercise!

  • I never learned to ride a bike, and it's something I definitely regret. I need an adult tricycle!

  • School is out for the summer so I joined a gym that my boyfriend was already going to. I think exercising is so much easier when you have someone to do it with.

  • OMG I haven't ridden a bike in at least 20 years. I'd probably hurt myself haha

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