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Have you been applying foundation the same way since you started wearing makeup? Do you hate the foundation you used to love before? Has your skin type changed? If you answered yes to at least one, then it’s time to reevaluate your foundation game. 

1. Mix foundation with face oil. It wasn’t really love, in fact I thought of returning Dior Nude Air (reviewed here) because it doesn’t meld into my skin nicely. While I like its semi-dewy finish and the “science” behind incorporating serum to foundation, it does accentuate certain dry spots, particularly my cheeks and chin. Oh yes, age has changed my skin from extremely oily to combination! At the brink of losing hope, I mixed two drops of foundation with one drop of  Paula’s Choice Resist Moisture Renewal Oil Booster, then applied and blended with damp beauty sponge. Voila! problem solved. Beautiful finish, no more crack-a-doodle-do!

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2. Mist face lightly with rosewater (ideally), then apply foundation with a brush. As opposed to using spray to set makeup, mist face prior to foundation (over moisturizer) then apply and buff foundation with brush. This technique changes the consistency of heavy foundation, making it easy to apply and blend. Rosewater as you know is beneficial to the skin: it makes you glow, hydrates, tones and calms the skin, among others.

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Unless you have extremely oily skin and will be wearing makeup who knows how long, using primer isn’t extremely necessary. Moisturizer and/or serum prior to foundation is usually enough. Add the fact that most of the new makeup releases i.e BB/CC/DD/EE creams have already incorporated the priming aspect in the ingredients. One less layer to hassle with, don’t you think so?

Has your foundation routine changed through the years? chime in!

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22 thoughts on “Update Your Foundation Routine 2 Ways #BeautyTalk

  • I haven't misted my face with rosewater before applying, just after.. but I do spritz my brush beforehand. It helps keep the bristles from absorbing all the product, and does help spread the foundation easier, too. The oil trick sounds great for combo/dry skin! Great ideas.

  • You always have so good tips! My foundation routine has changed a lot through the years. I used to apply foundation using fingers, then came time when I used makeup sponges and for the last 3 years I prefer brushes.

  • Very creative suggestions here, Kathryne! I do use primer without any problems, but if my face is feeling particularly dry, I will try them both.

  • I love these tips, especially the rose water. It sounds so refreshing!

  • These are fabulous foundation tips! 🙂

  • I love rose water mists and toners. I have like 5 but not this one heheh.I love using oils on my skin even with oily skin I think it helps even out natural oils for me.

  • Excellent tips, twinsy! I always add face oils to my foundations and tinted moisturizers! It gives the skin an amazing glow!

  • Fabulous tip about the oil! I have a couple foundations that I otherwise would love if they didn't accentuate my dry spots. Gotta dry it now 🙂

  • I'm actually testing out a priming moisturizer from Glossier and loving it. I also like to use Embrolisse before applying foundation too. It helps to prime the skin. I need to try rosewater before. I definitely love using the PC serum mixed with foundation.

  • Great tips. I never thought about adding oil to my foundation to help with the dry patches. I keep hearing such great things about Rose Water. I think I need to try it.

  • I can't use the rose water but I like the idea of mixing a little oil into the foundation. I think I'll try that tomorrow.

  • Awesome tips 🙂 I love Rose Water… with or without foundation – I carry in my purse if I don't have my Evian spray to keep hydrated and cool. Goes well in the fridge for a spritz on a hot day.

  • Another way could be adding highlighter to your matte foundation to make it more spring-friendly and dewy 🙂

  • Everyone says the same about the Dior Nude Air! They hate it then they mix it and it's a love lol I haven't tried yet. It'd have to REALLY be a love for me to do an extra step.

  • Great tips! I love mixing the Paula's Choice in with my foundation!

  • Great tips! I love to use a mist pre-foundation but have never thought to add oil to it. Going to have to give that a try.

  • Amazing tips! The rosewater one is such a good one.

  • Love the tips. I use Caudalie Elixir when I do makeup on some clients, like the Rosewater it definitely freshens the skin.

  • I want to try that Fresh spray! Looks nice

  • Great tips! I love my Beauty Blender! <3

  • I really want to get a rosewater spray! I definitely find the using a damp beauty blender changes the way foundation works with my skin, it's such a huge difference!

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