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I’m really enjoying our #BeautyTalk from time to time because it’s more virtually engaging and interactive. Plus it’s Friday so I’m totally on chill mode already. This leads me to my next question, is there a certain makeup routine or technique that you try not to do when you’re pressed for time? OhMy, don’t get me started with those crooked cat eyes, haha!

Blame coffee hands and morning rush! While I sorta mastered the trick to easy flick (tutorial here), I’m telling you right now that there are days zilla can’t get it right. You start with ultra- thin line, then it gets thicker and bam! panda, anyone?

Faux lashes not fo-me. Yeah, it’s another thing I won’t attempt to tinker even if I have extra five minutes to spare. Crooked cat eyes and flimsy falsies? mama look at zillakilla!

So why don’t I wake up early if I strive for makeup perfection? Nah, I’m not going to trade my soft pillows for dramatic eyes. Yes, I snooze, I loose. But girl, those extra five minutes are precious!

What say you? chime in!

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28 thoughts on “Morning Rush Makeup Don’t #BeautyTalk

  • I'm with you, if I'm in a rush I don't do a complicated eye look, with lots of shadows and liquid liner. I'll just do a quick two shadow look and a little dark shadow smudged on my lash line, or an easy to blend pencil.

  • My eyes. I feel like it's too much work most mornings!

  • I swear, I can kinda get a nice wing going pretty quickly if I'm not hard pressed on time, but as soon as I'm in a rush I mess up everything, so I pretty much give up. Finger dip in my fave ColourPop jar, rub it on my eyes, a couple swipes of mascara and toodles! #iwokeuplikedis

  • I'd say that liner look perfect to me! I agree, take the extra 5 minutes of sleep!

  • Morning classes and a long day means I'll rather sleep than look nice in the morning 😛

  • I'm with you, twinsy! Those 5 extra minutes to commune with my pillow are priceless!

  • Less is totally more for the sleep deprived lass. I'd rather skip eye makeup entirely than get out of bed earlier! If I know I've only got a couple minutes I also steer clear of my brighter blush stash because my luck dictates that THAT will be the day I accidentally overdo it and then won't have time to tone it down enough! Being stuck with clown cheeks is not funny. Unless you're a clown. But that's another story for another day. 😛

  • I rarely do falsies. I like how they look but they're still a pita for me. People keep saying practice, and I do, but I just feel like it's never good enough.

  • I would say it depends on how little time I have, but I would probably skip eyeliner and brows. I might do either bronzer or highlighter, but not both.

  • I don't do foundation if I'm in a rush. Or eyeshadow. I just conceal, blush, bronze, fill in my brows and put on mascara. I can manage that in about five minutes haha.

  • Most days, my makeup is reduced to concealer, clear brow gel, mascara, blush, and a lip product. I like my sleep! If I have a few extra minutes, I'll go in with some brow powder to fill in some sparse areas and a mid-toned eyeshadow all over the lid. I never do falsies, even when I have the time. They're just not for me, at least not right now!

  • I'm pretty much all about keeping it simple all the time!

  • Beauty blogging has made me a little bit of a monster when it comes to putting on a full face, but I recently re-discovered the joys of a one-color lid, or how to run out of the house with just mascara on, if need be. Cat eyes are only for days with more time, and I love the look of false lashes, but I rarely wear them.

  • I don't flick since it doesn't work with my eye shape. But I do take it easy most days on my makeup. I'd much rather sleep in.

  • Absolutely don't do much if I am in a rush. The flick looks good!

  • Falsies and I don't really get along; every time I attempted to put them on when I'm pressed for time I regret it.

  • If I'm in a hurry I skip the eyeshadow and make do with liner. I also tend to skip mascara but that's because it doesn't make much difference to my sparse lashes unless I take the time to apply three coats.

  • My quickie look is a light shade of tan in the crease and lots of mascara

  • When I'm in a rush, liner of any kind is out of the question! I will also skip my routine light contouring if I'm in a hurry. Proper contouring takes precision, proper blending and shouldn't be rushed.

  • I'm usually really good with liquid liner or cat eyes – even in a rush… but false lashes, well, no matter how well I can put them on… that is never a rush for me… hahaha – I would have lashes falling off. lol

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