covergirl intensify me by lashblast liquid liner, covergirl super sizer mascara, review, how to apply mascara

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I love designer makeup brands in general but when it comes to mascara, I have no qualms going the drugstore route; why? save for the shape of wand and density of bristles, there isn’t really any huge difference, formula-wise. I had the opportunity to try the new Super Sizer Mascara and Intensify Me! liquid eyeliner by Covergirl. Are they revolutionary enough? keep reading!

covergirl intensify me by lashblast liquid liner, covergirl super sizer mascara, review, how to apply mascara

The mascara is packaged in a large tube with medium-sized slim wand and sparse bristles. The idea behind is to get to the roots which in effect creates an illusion of thicker lashes. It also makes maneuvering easy. I like that it didn’t smudge or melt the entire time I was wearing it outdoors (daily walks), indoors (whole day in the office) and while sweating it out (treadmill and hiphop). 

covergirl intensify me by lashblast liquid liner, covergirl super sizer mascara, review, how to apply mascara

As with other mascaras I have tried, this has tendency to clump so just a word of advice, stop coating at two. Overall, it did give my lashes some volume. Not vava-voom level but decent enough to give my eyes a ‘lil flair.

covergirl intensify me by lashblast liquid liner, covergirl super sizer mascara, review, how to apply mascara

This paddle-shaped tip liquid eyeliner intrigued me the most. Aptly named Intensify Me!, it was designed with dual purposed in mind. Apply flat for thicker line, slant for thinner. I have hooded eyes so flat application definitely won’t work as it will literally emphasize zilla’s missing crease. The tip is stiff so creating a precisely-thin flick requires a skilled-hand, something you ought not to do when pressed for time. Like the mascara, it is smudge-proof and deposits the blackest of black pigment. My eye shape is not the perfect target for this new product so while it didn’t work for me, I am sure there are ladies out there who will benefit from the innovation.

Have you tried the new mascara and eyeliner by Covergirl? thoughts?

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20 thoughts on “Are They Revolutionary Enough? Covergirl The Super Sizer Mascara and Intensify Me! Liquid Liner

  • My favorite mascaras are Cover Girl Clump Crusher and Maybelline The Falsies and this one was just added to the list. I have stick straight lashes that need to be curled before application and this formula not only holds my curl all day but also added volume and length. I purchased the waterproof version not I'm not sure if that's makes a difference. I feel mascara is so subjective. I personally love this stuff.

  • I actually like the stiff tip – sometimes I can get a wonky line if the liner tip is too flexible! Agree with Sway Beauty – mascara is subjective! This one didn't work for me but my HG mascara is another CG one!

  • I agree with you on buying drugstore mascaras, there doesn't seem to be much difference between them and fancy brands.

  • I think I'll skip both of these, they just don't look like products that can compete with the ones I already use.

  • I really like the eyeliner, to be honest! <3 Great review! 🙂

  • I've not tried these, but they sounds great!

  • Strange brush. I don't think it would be flattering on me since I have hooded eyes.

  • I'm not sure I would like this one. The brush seems odd to me.

  • These totally didn't work on me unfortunately- the mascara flaked and ran like a mofo and the eyeliner didn't last 3 hours. I loved the shape of the paddle though.

  • I still haven't tried these but I will. I wonder how they'll compare to my other drugstore favorites.

  • I liked both of these, but the mascara really worked well for me. I never did get the hang of the recommended method, but regular application worked just fine.

  • I still need to try the mascara – I don't know how I feel about the skinny wand (I usually go for big fat ones! haha)

  • I didn't enjoy the mascara, but as you say, it's important to stop applying at 2 coats, otherwise you'll have clumping galore!

  • For me, the mascara was a real stand out. I apply it like any other mascara and get amazing length and very good volume. In fact, it has become my HG. How lucky for me!

  • I'm still waiting for mine to arrive, and I am so intrigued! Excellent review, as always Twinsy!

  • The brush on this thing is strange to me… but I did like what it did to my upper lashes… the lower lashes was difficult for me to work with. I'm finding that I did get pretty good volume with it though trial and error is a must. 🙂

  • The mascara I was indifferent about. It was okay but basically my experience was the same as yours. I LOVE the liner, though!

  • I just bought the mascara out of curiosity, but skipped the liner

  • I've heard a lot of mixed reviews about these. The liner tip is such an odd shape…

  • I was really pleased with both these products, especially considering I haven't used any Covergirl in years!

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