Hello there zillas! Today I’m sharing my fitness routine as requested by friends (and some subscribers). Take note, I’m no fitness expert or coach but I do enjoy working out at the comfort of my patio, at least 3 times a week, 1-2 hours each. I’m a work in progress; while I love my strong athletic legs, I still need to tone my flabby arms and lazy abs. To tell you the truth, there are moments I’d rather be a couch potato especially on weekends but you know what, my body craves sweat like Dracula yearns blood! So whenever I’m starting to feel sluggish, I grab my Solo 2 Beats by Dre and tune in to Pandora. On top of my playlist? Pitbull no less! 

Instead of photos, I think you will appreciate more what I do in raw flesh. The video below is a snippet of my typical routine (I don’t think you can sit through all of one hour, haha!). I start by stretching, then hula-hoop, hip hop dance, and treadmill. I do high-impact exercise most of the time but I also enjoy yoga in days I just want to chill. Warning: high school and college friends know that I have this crazy facial expression whenever I’m groovin’ so excuse the “I-am-really-in-my-zone” mood. Like I always say, exercise should be fun. You will feel more motivated when you love the things you do. Own it and kick shyness to the curb. Ready to exercise with me? play along (I’m dancing to Pitbull songs but I had to use a free version for obvious copyright reasons). Bonus: spot my furry coach-slash-number-one-fan!

What’s your fitness routine like?

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