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Dermalogica is one of my favorite skincare brands so whenever I get the chance to try something new from the line, elation becomes second nature. Today I’m sharing how to remove makeup efficaciously. I know it sounds petty but like common sense, it is not as common as one would surmise.

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I hoard makeup wipes because they’re downright handy, practical and affordable. Having used and tried a gamut, these PreCleanse Wipes aren’t your generic type, a.k.a the overly-soaked, dripping-wet, cheap quality made in nevaland. These biodegradable wipes are formulated with aloe and apricot oils, rice bran and vitamin E. They remove makeup sans tugging and yes, these are drip-free. In addition, you can activate the emulsification process by adding water for thorough cleansing. The herbal fragrance is a tad strong but my overall positive experience outweigh the one and only con.

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If wipes aren’t your thing, PreCleanse Oil is basically the same except for the presentation. The way to use it to dispense into dry hands and apply to dry face. Massage in circular motion to dissolve all traces of makeup and grime. To emulsify product, dampen hands with water and continue massaging the face. Rinse per usual or follow with Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant (reviewed here).

How do you remove your makeup?

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