If you had acne in your teens, your chance of experiencing the same agony in your adult years is most likely high. It’s like a ghost from the past that keeps hunting you. I talk from experience and while I don’t break out as much now, it’s a PITA to be dealing with zits when you have other important matters to attend to. A comedic spinoff to this? you can’t face a problem if the problem is your face!

Welcome to the world of concealers, where imperfections are camouflaged and self-esteem ricochet. While proper skincare and dermatological treatments are keys to preventing the dreaded acne, we can’t undervalue the importance of good makeup vis-à-vis concealer. Different strokes for different folks, here are my picks depending on your needs:


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For mild acne, I turn to medicated concealer like Murad Acne Treatment Concealer ($21). It has 2% salicylic acid as primary ingredient. Salicylic acid helps unclog pores to prevent and treat lesions. Since it’s tinted, it’s easy to blend it with your regular foundation and/or makeup. Shhh… even hub is a fan of this concealer. 

If you want a concealer with added skincare features, Tarte Maracuja Creaseless Concealer ($24) is right up your alley. It has Maracuja oil which rebuilds skin, Vitamin C to brighten, and Vitamins A and E to protect against free radicals.

If you’re looking for a concealer that will last throughout the day or defy all outdoor activities, Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Flawless Wear Concealer ($24) is worth a try. It’s medium to full-coverage with superb longevity.

If you’re struggling to find the perfect match for your skin tone, Cover Fx Cream Concealer ($27) got you covered. Available in 12 shades, this water-based concealer has medium to full coverage. It’s vegan and free from talc, mineral oil and gluten.

Suitable even for sensitive skin, Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage ($34) can be customized and/or blended to mimic your natural skin color. It is creamy and has light to medium coverage.

Regardless of the presentation (liquid, cream, pan, tube, etc), my preferred way of applying concealer is to gently dab on and around the affected part with clean ring finger. After that, I use a small blending brush to blend and buff. If it’s not a big zit, I apply the concealer right after foundation then set with powder. If it’s raw and reddish, I apply salicylic acid five-ten minutes before, followed with concealer, set with powder, then foundation. 

I hope you find this post helpful. Ready to face the problem? if you can’t, then let it face you. #win

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17 thoughts on “Best Concealers For Adult Acne

  • I use that Tarte religiously! It's a great concealer.

  • Totally agree about tarte concealer, that thing is magical! Stays on all day, and can even cover acne with scabs without looking too bad. I'm on my second tube 🙂

  • I only tapp with concealer on the small spot that remain visible through foundation, so it must be as thin as chanel waterproof eyeliner. Something like Vichy NormaDerm Drying Concealing Anti Imperfection Stick. The one from Vichy is good, but is a medium tone, too dark for my fair skin tone, so I am using a cheap dupe by a pharmacy own brand which is a perfect match for my skin. They all usually contain salicylic acid and dry out slightly the problem area, this is why I struggle with using any massive stick for this purpose (do not like using a brush for it).

  • Thanks for sharing your picks! I want to try the tarte now

  • Fortunately, I don't have acne but this is a great list for other issues as well. LM Secret Camouflage is one of my go-to concealers

  • I've heard great things about Murad.

  • B

    This is timely because I am having a serious flare-up. The first time in years. Whyyyyy?

  • I love Tarte Maracuja Concealer. I'm glad to hear that it's great for breakouts too.

  • Cover FX has a blemish concealer that treats with salicylic acid while it covers, and OFRA. Has these amazing Drying drops that are tinted. Can't have too many options for coverups!

  • Great recommendations! I've wanted to try the LM Secret Camouflage for a while. I really like It Cosmetics Bye Bye Undereye for blemishes.

  • Great recommendations, I've only tried one of these before.

  • I always hear good things about Cover FX and Laura Mercier! My faves are the new one from Urban Decay and IT Cosmetics.

  • I'm so lucky I don't have blemishes very often. But when I do, it's nice to know what's available to have on hand.

  • I don't use concealers so I'm not quite sure about what would work but I hear great things about CoverFx

  • I definitely want to try the Laura Mercier one!

  • What an incredibly informative post, my twinsy! Superb recommendations!

  • I'm dying to try that tarte one!

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