Physiological and Body Changes on Vegetarian Diet, Benefits of Vegetarian Diet
Easy Mango Salad
(mixed greens, sliced mango, tomatoes, almond nuts, feta cheese, balsamic vinaigrette)

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. My feed is brimming with positivity and fitness resolutions this year. I say go for it and don’t let your goals fizzle after a week or two. Compliment smart diet choices with exercise to a healthier You in 2015! 

So I’m on my seventh month as vegetarian, enough time to give you updates as to some physiological changes that transpired (this post will explain my decision to go vegetarian and how I transitioned). Contemplating on becoming one? read further.

Let’s start with the most immediate body response, regular bowel movement. Prior to this, I’ve experienced bouts of constipation for years. You know it’s that bad when you have to take laxatives to unload (I hate that feeling so much!). At the risk of giving away TMI, let’s just say that I never have to struggle again, ever! *sings I can see clearly now the rain is gone*

My immunity level seemed to have improve. I may sniffle every now and then (I work with sick patients every single day) but it has not progressed to something worse than a sore throat, knock on wood! But even that is short-lived.

My stamina has increased. Prior to my transition, my energy is level zero at 4pm. I’m exhausted most of the time and find myself dozing off immediately after dinner (I work ten hours a day, just so you know). Since becoming vegetarian, the raging bull in me reawakened. In fact, I feel a lot stronger now compared to my 20s!

Fewer breakouts. Yes it may be hormonally-related and due to meticulous skincare but I attribute most of my pimple-free days to plant-based diet!

Curbed appetite, especially snacking. I still crave for sweets (that’s one hard habit to break) but I find it less of an occurrence. I don’t feel heavy, stuffed and bloated after each meal. I feel just right.

My motivation to stay fit (and fab) fortified. I’m more determined to sweat, move, gyrate, jump, dance. Age won’t slow me down, inactivity will. As hard it is to squeeze extra time from my extremely busy schedule but I feel incomplete without using my treadmill, yoga mat or hula hoop for at least an hour. With the help of my new BFF Will Power, I try my best to exercise at least 3x/ week.

Let’s touch-base on my learning curve. Going vegetarian means being more creative when it comes to meal preparation. Thankfully, there’s an organic/health food store down the road where I can buy hot meals and salads in days I can’t or don’t have the time cook. Which brings me to my next point, going green is one pricey decision. Organic food ain’t cheap netizens. That’s why for 2015, I want to learn more recipes and start my own veggie garden. On a positive note, the past holiday season was a success because I was able to cook exclusive meals for myself and my meat-eating tribe. Happy tummy for everyone!

Physiological and Body Changes on Vegetarian Diet, Benefits of Vegetarian Diet
My New Year’s Eve Green Spread: Portobello Mushroom Pizza (no crust), Penne Pesto & Mango Salad

’til our next chat… moi signing off with a lazy doggy in the background, haha! (But mind you, my furry baby is addicted to papaya, mango, carrot and broccoli!)

Physiological and Body Changes on Vegetarian Diet, Benefits of Vegetarian Diet

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