So I’m staring here nonchalantly like a nomad, perplexed as to the whole point of writing a beauty resolution when I can’t think of none. As far as habits go, I know I have been meticulous with washing my brushes every so often, removing my makeup as soon as I get home, bathing daily, the works! Moi can’t be spotless-perfect lest I get accused of being delusional so after extracting my brain cells repeatedly, I think I have a decent list to present to y’all. Here they are…

1) Don’t limit my world to all things Sephora. I admit to have been bitten by Sephora’s VIB Rouge bug, so bad that subliminally I have to spend ridiculous amount of money to keep the “prestigious” badge. Is there really a benefit to this so-called status besides peddling to your own makeup addiction? If you talk about early access to sale, occasional 25 or 20% discount, and sneak peek of newly-launched products, then pointblank I’m going to refute and say that there is NO extra or special advantage at all. When I shop online, my package is not delivered lightning-fast and wrapped in scented paper or 24k gold leaf. When I go to the store, there is no red carpet, bottle of champagne or confetti waiting for me. I see you almost spit your coffee. But you get my point, right? We are all treated the same: makeup-loving consumers from all walks of life. Ergo, this “point status” is just a brilliant marketing ploy to entice you and me to spend our benjamins mindlessly. 

2) Strive to empty out. I used to post products empties two years ago and by some twist of fate, I just stopped. Well, I only have myself to blame: consumerism at its finest, bow! With the help of the Frugal Fairy, I hope to do better this year, finish up and work on my inventory of skincare, makeup, etc. Wish me luck zillas!

3) Get better with faux lashes. I am not big on falsies and I hardly wear ’em. This year, I want to amp up my makeup journey. Not that I will be rocking tarantula or glitter lashes in scrub suits and gloves…but who knows, hahaha!

4) Revive DIY. I enjoy DIY projects; in fact when I started this blog, I have weekly DIYs from masks to earrings to smoothies. But I have plenty of time back in the day so it’s going to be a real challenge for me but as the adage goes, “if there’s a will, there’s a way”.

5) Be nice to my cuticles. Busted! I pick them whenever, wherever. I admire you nail bloggers for keeping your nails healthy and cuticles non-existent. From now on, I will pay more attention to my neglected cuticles, promise!

This is a collaborative post so hop around and see what my fellow beauty bloggers from The Beauty Council have to say!


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