So here we are at the tailend of January. Still feeling the “new year, new you” vibe or fleeting just like before? For one, I’m seeing less workout selfies and more pig-out moments in my Facebook and Instagram feeds. Have you reorganized your closet and purged as you initially planned? What about your no-buy idea? Back to your old ways? Congrats, you are confirmed human!

But seriously, don’t feel so bad by not accomplishing your goals this month. Look at the brighter side, you still have eleven months to wrestle! The question is, will it be the same story by end February or March? hopefully not. Remember, procrastination is the evil sister of motivation.

Blog-wise, I still have a lot of things to implement. I need to come up with an editorial calendar to help me plan my posts more efficiently. I’m thinking a design revamp and possibly investing on a new camera or lighting setup. And yeah, still finding that balance between a full time job and blogging on the side. Eleven months to wrestle.

No-buy plan unsuccessful. I am but human, yay!

What about you, how was your January?

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