Happy First Day of the Year, Zillas! As we welcome 2015 with jubilation and vitality, I want to thank you for your support and friendship. Your insightful comments and suggestions once again prove that beyond smoky eyes, red lips and festooned nails, this blog continue to be your reflection: modern, astute, self-reliant and empowered woman.

2014 has been a transformative year for me, mainly because of radical lifestyle decision. I became vegetarian in June (read the story), joined the big 4-0 club in July (no choice there, haha!) and lastly, became devoted to fitness/exercise more than ever. In fact my best purchase of the year is neither makeup nor purse but a treadmill!

In my four years of blogging, you may have seen an evolution of sorts. For one, change is inevitable; second, I am getting older. Hence my preference in makeups, skincare, including lifestyle choices have changed. While I have not lost my bubbly (and sometimes sarcastic) nature, you may have noticed that even the way I speak to you conveys a certain level of maturity. No, I am not going to bore you with prophetic life lessons but I won’t sit here and insult your intelligence with arid commentary. Writing is my utmost passion and this is how I express my creativity among other things. So yes, I will continue to write probably all the way to my diaper years. And who knows, continue to rock Tom Ford Lip Color Matte Black Dahlia on my DEXA (bone) scan appointment. I will be that granny beaming with zest and pride so consider yourself warned, haha!

To my loyal readers from Day 1, I hope that you will continue to stay with moi and adapt to these changes. Let’s grow old together wiser, stronger and more fabulous! To my new readers, say hi and make your presence felt. Serendipity brought us together.

In conclusion, may 2015 bring you good health and more wealth! Believe in the power of perception. You become what you perceive. Change happens only when you make it happen. And like I always advocate, age is just a number. Look young, feel young.


Your Editor-MissChief

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