As a beauty blogger on the side, it’s an open secret that I probably own more makeups compared to my next-door neighbors and friends. So much so that I needed a dedicated room for this passion to store my collections and write in seclusion. While there are things I still need to refurbish, build and update to convert it to my ultimate woman cave, I took the initiative to purge, throw, and declutter to welcome 2015 with a fresher perspective.

decluttering for a better life, decluttering 101
{still a work in progress}
dresser, table and chair procured from INspiration Interiors (Hawaii)

Was it hard to declutter? Not at all, that is if you know that makeups do expire. Just like clothes, anything I haven’t touched or worn in two years or so needed to go. While clothing can be donated or sold, I throw makeups instantaneously. Yes it’s money wasted to some, but it’s the least evil compared to money wasted on cigarettes, liquor or other hobbies that pose threat to one’s health. Judge if you may but at the end of the day, to each his own.

Most used and favorite items are stored under the desk for easy access
stacks of unread magazines make this room a tad casual.
my view of cypress trees lovingly planted by hubzilla.
I rely on natural lighting for product shots and makeup photos.

Through the years, my mindset has evolved from ridiculous quantity to sheer quality, grunge to sophistication, hi-pressure to chill mode. My mantra? simplify for a clutter-free life. Easier said than done but as the adage goes, if there’s a will, there’s a way.

vintage Marilyn Monroe bust, a treasured possession all these years… 

Decluttering goes beyond material things. Few years ago, I did a radical approach of detaching myself from all the abusive and user-friendly people in my life, be it friends or family members. I went incognito, erased all their addresses and phone numbers and guilelessly cut all forms of communication. Since then, my life has been drama-free… and yes, devoid of unnecessary stress! Life is good when you make it good. Change happens only when you make it happen. 

decluttering for a better life, decluttering 101
Winkles my baby sings “let it go, let it go”

How about you, how are you decluttering for 2015?

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