Motivational Tips for 2015, New Year, New You, Habits of Highly Effective People, New Beauty Trends 2015
View of Diamond Head atop Tantalus (Oahu, Hawaii)

Tell me you can relate. You log in to Facebook, only to read the same rants from the same people over and over and over and over again. That and the countless twerking, boob-popping, self-glorification of sorts that make me shake my head in disbelief, que horror! Oh well, to each his own but if you’re looking for ways to welcome 2015 with a positive vibe, beautiful mind, and fabulous face, look no further because I have some tips for you. Let the countdown begin!

First let’s tackle what’s obvious…

1. Declutter the vanity. Throw expired makeups and skincare products you hardly use. Eye infections ain’t fun and sunscreens don’t protect as much after two years! (see products’ shelf-life here)

2. Purge closet. Still keeping those size 2 pants for years for motivation? What about that ripped shirt from college? Get over your sentiments and face the reality. Toss or donate ’em says queen dust mite and reward yourself with nice-fitting jeans of your dreams, yep… no matter what size you are now!

3. Organize purse. Can’t find the keys and lost count of lipsticks inside your purse? I’m guilty as charged so once and for all, can we pinky swear that we’ll fix this bad habit now?

4. Clean the mighty pantry. Check expiry and toss everything that never saw daylight. Spoiled food = trip to the ER.

5. Update medicine cabinet. Throw expired medicines and stock up on first aid essentials.

6. Start a vegetable garden. This is my goal too for 2015. I want to be able to plant, grow, harvest, and eat my own greens!

7. Spruce up front yard. Ours need some character and pizzaz so it’s on my must-do list, come hell or high water.

8. Reuse and/or recycle bag when shopping. Hawaii is the first state to ban plastic bags and effective July 2015, Oahu (where I live) will stop using it altogether.

Motivational Tips for 2015, New Year, New You, Habits of Highly Effective People, New Beauty Trends 2015
Byodo-In Temple by Ko’olau Mountains (Oahu, Hawaii)

…then ourselves…

9. Try a new lipstick color. Try berry red if you’re a neutral junkie. Trust me, there is that ONE red that suits you.

10. Groom and change the shape of your eyebrows. This is the quickest (and cheapest) way to update your look.

11. Try a different hair color, retouch roots or experiment with a new hairstyle. This Instyle Hair App lets you try different celebrity hairstyles. Play and bring to your salon appointment, it’s fun and free.

12. Treat yourself to a great mani/pedi or learn nail art (my goal in 2015).

13. Find your style. Don’t be a slave to trends but learn the art of dressing according to your comfort level.

14. Learn a new hobby. Break the monotony of everyday hustle and bustle by engaging in an activity which is mentally or physically soothing. I would like to go back to making accessories again!

15. Replace old undies. Needless to say, throw your granny panties away.

16. Start living healthy. Now is the time to kick old and bad habits. Your body will thank you later, believe me! Exercise, drink water, wear sunscreen, eat more vegetables and fruits.

17. Look cute in sweat. I’ve said it before, wearing the right (and cute) outfit clothes add to the whole motivation.

18. Amp up your skincare. Wash, tone, moisturize, use serum and/or oil and don’t forget sunscreen!

19. Have a yearly well-woman check. Don’t wait to get sick to see your doctor. When was the last time you had pap smear, mammogram, eye check or skin assessment? Remember, prevention is better than cure.

20. Start a personal savings plan. This requires a separate thorough post but the golden rule is, don’t spend beyond your means. It’s okay to treat yourself once in a while but don’t be a millionaire for a day and pauper the next, get what I mean?

21. Get matched with the right foundation shade. It’s never right to have your face darker or lighter than your décolleté. It looks odd, alien-ish and totally un-fab.

Motivational Tips for 2015, New Year, New You, Habits of Highly Effective People, New Beauty Trends 2015
Hanauma Bay

…finally our inner selves…

22. Quit comparing yourself to others. Focus on your own marathon, compete with yourself. Jealousy leads to self-pity. Self-pity leads to defeat.

23. Forgive but don’t forget. Forgive those who wronged you but don’t forget the lesson that came with it. Therefore, don’t allow them to take advantage of you next time. Once is enough, twice is too much, thrice is just plain stupidity!

24. Pay it forward. If you have been blessed today, be a blessing to others. The simplest gesture you do may mean the grandest to some.

25. Looking fabulous is the greatest revenge. So your ex dumped you for a younger woman? Level up my friend. Cry for a moment but use the experience to find the new fabulous you! Now is the time to love yourself MORE. His loss, your victory.

26. Learn to chill. The finish line is painted the same color so stop for a moment, have a cup of coffee and just unwind. You can think and decide better when you allow your mind to relax.

27. Devote some Me-Time. It doesn’t matter how long but do it at least once a week. Do what you love even if it means whipping up some homemade coffee body/hand scrub. When you do something for yourself, you don’t expect validation from other people.

28. Don’t Facebook your issues. Face your own personal issues and don’t wash your dirty laundry in public, unless you don’t mind the repercussions. The internet never forgets. Never. Ever.

29. Learn to say no. You are not a messiah. You can’t save the world. Ergo, you can’t please everyone. People-pleasing is the #1 source of unnecessary stress.

30. You become what you perceive. Mind over matter. Are you looking at a half-empty glass? I see it’s half-full!

31. Sharpen your saw. As Stephen Covey (7 Habits of Highly Effective People) puts it, never stop from learning. Learning stops when you stop. Boredom happens when you let your mind rot.

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