The Worst From My Charlotte Tilbury Haul :: Brow Lift Three-Way Shape, Lift & Shade

Charlotte Tilbury Brow Lift Three-Way Shape and Lift, Review,Swatch

The launch of Charlotte Tilbury line in the US is probably one of the most anticipated this year. While there are products that had me swoon at first wear, in particular, Filmstar Killer Cheekbones Set and Kissing Lipstick, The Rock Chick Luxury palette was quite a disappointment. Are you ready to read the worst? Scroll down and let the photos do the talking…

According to the website, this $29 brow product is a liner and shader in one. Heck, I didn’t even see the shader (highlighter) until I unscrewed it hoping to find the “missing” liner. What the what?

Charlotte Tilbury Brow Lift Three-Way Shape and Lift, Review,Swatch
Don’t blink or you may not see this again!

Charlotte Tilbury Brow Lift Three-Way Shape and Lift, Review,Swatch
shader good for five to ten uses? rip-off!

I’m big on brows in case you don’t know yet. I like ’em natural-looking and well-groomed and even if I consider Anastasia Dip Brow Pomade my holy grail to-date, I’m still curious to try other brands. Well, curiosity killed the cat. And yes, I’m a bad blogger because I have no swatch of this liner which I believe is in the shade Brooke S a.k.a medium (recommended for dark blonde to medium brown hair) but hear me out first, there is a story. 

Texture is the worst, packaging is the cheapest. Brutally frank, this liner drags and creates the most unflattering and unnatural looking brows. It does not apply seamless, in fact I let it sit for few days atop my vanity hoping it will soften as it adjust to Hawaii tropical weather. I even watched the video hoping to learn a new technique. None of that helped. On my third attempt to use it, the liner broke,  revealing a teeny weeny ONE-inch size to my surprise!!! That’s it? a spoolie on the other end and a negligible demi-shader in the middle? So practically I paid for air?!!!! Irate and running late for work, I put the broken liner back inside, undecided as to when I will review it.

Charlotte Tilbury Brow Lift Three-Way Shape and Lift, Review,Swatch

take note, this liner was only used 3x but look! the letters chipped like it traveled to hell and back.

So the fateful day came and lo! the diminutive liner fell again just when I’m about to swatch it. I searched frantically high and low, thinking that my dog may eat the freakin’ liner. Nowhere in sight. Vanished into oblivion. Left without goodbye. Chucky pranked me, who knows…. $29 charged to experience, tell me if this isn’t the worst.

funny gifs

I don’t know about you but strike two in my little black book of must-try’s is no bueno.

What’s your worst beauty purchase recently? fill me in.




  1. October 13, 2014 / 8:18 am

    Oh man girl… that's terrible :/ I have been lucky that I haven't had any bad purchases this year yet… while there are some misses, I didn't spend too much on them… drugstore products. So that is terrible that this gave so little product :/ Err.

    • October 14, 2014 / 1:37 am

      I don't think I'll be buying any CT product in a while until I can see everything in person.

  2. October 13, 2014 / 10:48 am

    Wow, what a bummer! Definitely not a good liner or packaging. I haven't had anything horrible lately.

    • October 14, 2014 / 1:37 am

      yes, not what I expected from a brand w/ "luxe" appeal

  3. October 13, 2014 / 12:38 pm

    My brows are the worst ever, I swear. Or well, they are because I just can't grasp how to control them 😉

  4. October 13, 2014 / 1:23 pm

    I'm laughing like a crazy person at the Chucky GIF hahahahaha also, omg I'm so sad! I got the one in Brooke because… my name. LOL I didn't try it yet though because I'm the worst beauty blogger ever.

  5. October 13, 2014 / 1:39 pm

    Bad product and bad packaging. i can see why you're so upset.

  6. October 13, 2014 / 2:09 pm

    wow! 29$ for this product? I don´t know what to say :S
    Luckily I haven´t done any bad beauty purchases lately.

  7. October 13, 2014 / 3:10 pm

    Holy crap, I'd be pissed as all get out! 🙁 This reminds me of a cheapie Maybelline eyebrow product that I used to use, and freaking hated, but at least that was only $5 wasted, not $29!

  8. October 13, 2014 / 5:16 pm

    Wow… I can not believe how this company thinks it's okay to sell such a terrible product and at that price!

    • October 14, 2014 / 1:39 am

      incidentally, i read a review from makeup alley and the girl has the exact same experience!

  9. October 13, 2014 / 5:38 pm

    You candor is much appreciated. Definitely won't be buying this!

  10. October 13, 2014 / 7:04 pm

    Thank goodness I didn't buy this! I was actually thinking about getting that same eyeshadow palette and the brow shader. I agree with you, the packaging does look cheap.

    • October 14, 2014 / 1:40 am

      so far, only the bronzer/highligter set and lippies are must-buy from CT

  11. October 13, 2014 / 7:33 pm

    Glad I didn't order this now! I like the eye shadows I ordered, although for the price the packaging on those too seemed a bit cheap.

    • October 14, 2014 / 1:41 am

      the more I look at it, CT shortchanged quality for hype

  12. October 13, 2014 / 9:23 pm

    Not acceptable. I can't believe it is this bad. But I do believe you :-p

  13. October 13, 2014 / 10:30 pm

    Wow not only disappointing but unacceptable for a "luxury" brand.

  14. October 13, 2014 / 11:04 pm

    Not acceptable! CT markets as a luxury brand. That is NOT luxury! I hope that you kept your receipt. They need to give you your money back!

  15. October 14, 2014 / 1:10 am

    OMG, I am so sorry to hear about this experience with a "luxury" brand! Is it possible to return it, or is the return shipping cost-prohibitive? At any rate, I hope that you will write to the company and complain. I've heard mixed reviews on the Charlotte Tillbury collection, and I don't have any $ to spare these days so I have passed on it. Seems that the CT company would want to do some damage control and fix their product line before no one will buy anything from them again.

    • October 14, 2014 / 1:43 am

      I threw it already out of disgust and frustration. I've read mixed reviews as well. I stand by my experience, after all I paid for it

  16. October 14, 2014 / 1:34 am

    UGHHHH that makes my blood boil. I hate when there isn't a lot of substance in a product!

  17. October 14, 2014 / 1:37 am

    Oh no!! I had such high hopes for this one. I'm still hoping it was just bad luck and you got a dud, but I will definitely hold off grabbing this one until I see evidence of it being worthy of the purchase.

  18. October 14, 2014 / 1:59 am

    I hate when high end products don't live up to their price! I totally have my eyes on the duo you recommend but I'm waiting around for my beloved X-Mas

  19. October 14, 2014 / 2:32 am

    That's horrible! I wanted to see the swatch!

  20. October 14, 2014 / 3:37 am

    That sucks! That is shaped the same as the tarte brow architect (I think). My worst lately would be the 3 matte lippies I returned from the Kat Von D studded kiss line.

  21. October 14, 2014 / 5:27 am

    Yikes! That stinks – what a waste of good lipstick money!

  22. October 14, 2014 / 2:20 pm

    I would be beyond pissed. I don't understand how CT could think that's acceptable. I would write their CS even though you threw it away. I love your honest reviews.

  23. March 11, 2015 / 8:15 pm

    That comes in nice shades

  24. January 27, 2016 / 3:58 pm

    The SAME EXACT thing happened to me. Mine broke off and I could never use it again. A total waste for an expensive product!

  25. Anonymous
    March 25, 2016 / 5:29 pm

    Am – am I the only one who had absolutely no problems with this and found it worked exactly as advertised? How hard were you pushing with the pencil? I've had MUAs be pretty forceful with it and I press quite hard as well, and none of mine have ever broken.

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