On its fourth year now, skincare brand Murad joined forces with City of Hope to raise funds for awareness and treatment for women cancer programs. City of Hope is a leading treatment and research center for cancer, diabetes and other serious health conditions which helped patients and their families for over 100 years. 

For the month of October, Murad created a limited edition called Hydrate for Hope featuring Hydro Dynamic Ultimate Moisture, a great moisturizer for dry and dehydrated skin. 10% of the proceeds will be funneled to City of Hope’s research, treatment and educational programs. 


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Murad Hydro-Dynamic Ultimate Moisture

I’m all about finding cure and prevention. Cancer does not discriminate. It strikes like a thief in the night. Based on CDC statistics (September 2014), breast cancer remains the number one type of cancer amongst women, followed by lung cancer, and colorectal cancer. In terms of mortality, lung cancer is first, followed by breast, then colorectal. Despite medical advancements and breakthroughs, it is unfortunate that cancer still prevails.

Awareness starts from within. Prevention and self-awareness go hand in hand. Noticed anything unusual? don’t ignore it and talk to your doctor sooner than later. By now, you should be doing regular self- breast exam (ideally one week after your menstrual period so breasts are less lumpy or tender). It’s not a diagnostic measure but it makes you aware of abnormalities that maybe happening such as change in the size of breast, dimpling, scaly nipple, unexplained pain, among others. If you have family history of cancer, talk to your doctor about genetic testing. Remember, prevention is key.


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