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Long before zombies became mainstream, thanks to The Walking Dead fame, I am walker-obssessed since I was a kid. I remember watching George Romero’s first ever zombie movie Night of the Living Dead in betamax back in the 80s, with all ten fingers covering my eyes but leaving teeny weeny space in between so I can see a portion of flesh-feasting zombies. Between the screams and nightmares, I grew old believing I can kill zombies and survive the apocalypse, haha!

Ugly, dry, cracked and zombie-like lips, totally uncool! Love a great, bold, matte lipstick? then you must exfoliate and moisturize or walk side by side with the zombies ala Carol of TWD (In Carol We Trust, woohooo!). 

So what’s the secret to fabulous and healthy lips then? 

1) Exfoliate. Feeling some DIY? mix a drop of olive oil and pinch of brown sugar together then rub onto lips for one minute. Rinse afterwards.

2) Moisturize. Use lip balm morning, evening, whenever, wherever. 

3) Quit smoking. Not just this time of the year but forever. Aside from serious health consequences, smoking damages the skin around the mouth creating unsightly lines and wrinkles.

I had the opportunity to try Teadora Nourishing Lip Butter Rainforest At Dawn, a two-in-one-lip wonder made from natural ingredients: passion fruit, acai oil, buriti, brazil nut, mango butter, orange flavor, to cite a few. It’s both an exfoliant and moisturizer so if DIY ain’t your thang, this $15-beauty is a must-try, especially if you’re into all-natural and vegan products. Using it does not require Daryl’s crossbow; I just rub it on my lips for few seconds then pat on tissue to remove tiny grits. Sexy and youthful lips like Maggie, check.

Have you tried Teadora yet?

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