“Cottonmouth” after her embarrassing crash

Last weekend, Hubzilla and I celebrated our oneness rather differently. When he suggested that we try go-karting, I said why not? I conquered ATV many times with all might and power so I thought it’s going to be easy peasy…..NOT! 

So after creating our respective profiles at Groove Hawaii, me as Cottonmouth and him as Black Mamba (the same race name we use when we go ATV-ing), we were escorted to the track and given dummy-proof instructions: red pedal for break, green for gas. The steering wheel is powered by gas, the faster you drive the easier it is to maneuver, the slower the more difficult it is to turn. Long story short, I crashed three times I had to quit even before the 8-minute race is over. Bummer I know!!!! But it was a fun experience, yeah right…mostly laughing at my own stupidity!

Black Mamba in his rare blog appearance, hahaha!

After my failed Formula One attempt, we headed to Neiman Marcus because I wanted to check the newly-launched Gucci Beauty in person. I was disappointed to learn that it has not reached our Hawaiian shores yet, at least that’s what the counter lady told me. C’mon, my day can’t be that bad right? Quick solution? Sephora haul no less! 

With growling tummies, we headed to Romano’s Macaroni Grill. I had mushroom ravioli while hubs had steak (he was teasing me how he can never be a vegetarian and that I’m missing all the good stuff). I purposely omitted dessert because I saw a new gelato place on our way to this restaurant.

Feeling quite full, I had to satisfy my sweet tooth. It’s the weekend peeps, I can indulge!

aloha gelato, yelp, review
the question is, which one????
aloha gelato, yelp, review
maybe you guys can help me out?

I went with my instinct and loved it to gut! Sea-salt caramel for moi and mango for hub.

aloha gelato, review, yelp
Proof of life: Sephora and Gelato!

Finally we went to Verizon to upgrade my iPhone 5. Despite the bad “bending” rumors, I went ahead with iPhone 6 Plus (for delivery end October). Trick or treat, woot!

’til our next “Around Hawaii” post zillas,


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