Fitness Essentials, How to Stay Fit, Review Marika Slimming Capri Legging, How to stay fit after 40

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Contrary to what most people think, weight gain isn’t always a consequence of aging. Barring medical conditions beyond one’s control, but it’s the inactivity, sedentary lifestyle, and unhealthy eating patterns that predispose someone to creeping weight gain. 

Some of you know that I just hit the big 4-0 this month; in between gray hairs and having my first mandatory mammogram soon, exercise helps me stay young and in tiptop shape (okay I’m trying here!). Right now, my routine is composed of hiphop dance, hula hoop and yoga at the comfort of my patio. But even if I’m all doing of all that crazy gyration at home, I take the extra step to dress, hydrate, and protect myself at all costs! Which brings me to the meat of the matter: My Fitness Essentials!

1. Deodorant. With all the sweat, the least thing you want to happen is offend those around you with obnoxious odor. Apply ‘yo pit juice dude!

2. Fitness gear/outfit. Believe it or not, dressing the part adds to the whole thrill and motivation even if you’re just doing aerobics or busting your treadmill at home. Wear well-fitted sports bra and exercise pants/shorts. Look cute, why not! The leggings I’m wearing below is from Marika, a brand I’m familiar with since I own some of their yoga pants and sports bra. I received the newest style, aptly named Slimming Capri because it helps slim and enhance the shape of thighs. I also noticed that my tummy appeared a bit flatter, thanks to its tummy control waist feature! The fabric is made from cotton and spandex which provides ultimate comfort and support. This particular style retails for $55 and available in small- extra large. If you’re curious to try, take advantage of the 30% discount at with code MM30 (valid thru 8/31/14)

Fitness Essentials, How to Stay Fit, Review Marika Slimming Capri Legging, How to stay fit after 40

3. Water. Hydrate yourself every now an then, drink few sips in between to keep you going.

4. Update your Playlist. Music plays a big part in burning calories. The faster the music, the more you move, the more you burn. My default Pandora station is Pitbull. I guarantee you’ll be sweating like a pig after two songs!

5. Your own paraphernalia. Exercise mat, towel, sanitizer, shower slippahs, etc. Needless to say, if you’re hitting the gym, I suggest that you bring your own stuff to avoid bacterial and/or fungal cross-contamination.  Imma germaphobe, can you tell?

6. Lastly, motivation and commitment. The biggest challenge is not the workout itself but the attitude to keep  the fire burning. I try my best to squeeze exercise into my uber busy schedule. I devote at least an hour, three days a week, mostly on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays. I may add treadmill to my routine once I decide what model to purchase.

Health is the best gift we can give to ourselves and loved ones. It’s never too late to step up to the challenge. Wanna do hula hoop with me?


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