First and foremost, let me greet my USA readers and loyal subscribers Happy 4th of July! What are your plans for the weekend? Fill me in!

Incidentally, today is also my birthday. It’s not just an ordinary day, another year older, another kind of event. Ladies, I am now in the 4-0 demographics! I tell you what, aside from gray hairs here and there which can be remedied by hair coloring or highlights, I don’t feel different. Not just yet. I’m still haunted by obnoxious zits, still mistaken for twenty-something (blame my petite stature), and still walk in four-inch wedges. I try my best to be in tip-top shape but my recent triglyceride level tell me otherwise. 

So let’s keep things light today. After all, I know most of you are prepping up for family barbecues and whatnots. I am stuffing my face with food, that’s for sure. And yes, I’m doing major shopping today! So before the festivities begin, I want to share 40 things about myself. I know 40 isn’t enough to know me as a whole but hey, I have a cap. Maybe next year I should do 41? lol

1) I was born on 7/4/74

2) Birth weight: 4 lbs (too tiny and fragile!)

3) Birth time: 4:00 pm…. Seriously, what’s up with all the 4’s???? 

4) Doctors feared that I will be born blind 

5) Thankfully not blind but I do wear Rx eyeglasses and contacts for eons

6) I used to be shy and soft-spoken

7) Which is highly contested by the hub because according to him, he sees no trace of shyness at all

8) I have one sister and one half-brother

9) Which tells you that my parents separated (and eventually divorced) when I was six

10) My childhood wasn’t that great because I didn’t understand the family drama back then

11) But I wasn’t a “pity me, poor me” child because I had very loving grandparents who raised me and my sister

12) I call them Mama and Papa because that’s what they were to me and my sister: real parents since my biological were too busy with their own lives

13) My Mama and Papa are both in heaven now but I’m forever thankful to them. 

14) I forgive but don’t forget

15) Meaning, I forgive but don’t forget the lessons I learned from hurtful experiences

16) Meaning, if you have betrayed my trust twice because thrice is too much, I cut the ties

17) Regardless if you’re a relative or long-time friend

18) I love watching zombie movies even back then

19) That’s why I knew hub was the one because he’s the only guy I met who knows all zombie movies (of course among other things: smarts, humor, chemistry, etc.)

20) During our courtship phase, I asked him how to kill a zombie

21) He asked me back why zombies go to the mall

22) We both knew the answer

23) We eloped and surprised our families

24) No kids, it’s a mutual decision

25) But we have a furry baby, an English Cocker Spaniel!

26) I am a monster when I’m HANGRY : angry when hungry

27) I have a sweet tooth

28) But recently curbing this unhealthy snacking of ice cream, Long Johns, and donuts

29) I used to work for pharmaceutical companies as Product/Marketing Manager

30) But all the constant traveling, endless presentation, including red tape and mudslinging wore me down

31) That’s why at mid 30s, I decided to slow down and switch career path

32) I revisited my BSN degree and now I’m an RN

33) Former colleagues don’t recognize me now

34) Because I used to be chunky, acne-laden and overall haggard-looking

35) But I learned to stay active through exercise and by eating in moderation

36) I rarely watch TV

37) But I can’t wait for The Walking Dead to come back in late October!

38) Thank you my readers and subscribers

39) Because you made this far

40) Remember, age is just a number. Look young, feel young.



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