summer hairstyle, side ponytail how to

About a week or so ago, I trimmed my own bangs to give my long hair a rather interesting twist. Since then, I’ve been sporting side ponytail because (1) it’s scorching hot (2) messy bun reached its boredom high level (3) it fakes my real age, haha!

There are two ways to do side ponytail, either you intentionally tie your hair in your good side (right or left) or tie in the center and then pull your hair to the left or right. I prefer the latter because it looks somewhat undone.

So yesterday TheFabZilla and Hubzilla went to see Godzilla 3D…. did you guys watch it yet? It was okay despite some boring scenes. After that, we had outdoor lunch at a place called Wahoo’s…

summer hairstyle, side ponytail how to

I’m HANGRY! Angry when hungry. I don’t deny, I’m normally patient except when mah tummy’s growling. Hub said I’m dangerous so my chances of surviving the apocalypse is hairline-thin, LOL. After 15 minutes of waiting and being entertained by birds feasting on someone’s plate, my bowl of wild salmon came….

I know I said sort of OOTD. Yes, it’s really sort of like that because it’s not a formal “hey I’m going to pose like some wannabe model, ready, aim, click”.  So here’s a sneak peek of what I wore to the movies. Such big deal, hahaha!

summer hairstyle, side ponytail how to

What’s your favorite summer hairstyle?


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