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I’ll keep my intro short and sweet this time. Chitchat is our mid-week break from product reviews. It’s when I share a piece of my mind from the most mundane to overly dramatic women’s dilemma. No holds-barred here so chime in.

I am more than certain that I wasn’t the only humanoid who was pleasantly surprised with Nicki Minaj’s understated look last weekend at the MTV Awards. Her red carpet photos dominated all of social media and while I wasn’t a fan of her music, I like the less than garish a.k.a makeunder outcome. Beautiful and flawless, #girlcrush here.

Pre-Nicki, we’ve seen Spooki, I mean Snooki Polizzi graduate from Oompa Loompa scare to the fabulous woman that she is now. Add Christina Aguilera and Katy Perry to the growing list of celebrities who wittingly chose the project makeunder road. Now whether that’s a smart career decision or not, still it’s a breath of fresh air to see these girls looking more natural once in a while.

Makeup is an art, therefore it has no rules. It’s a form of personal expression so I’m not here to say what is wrong and acceptable. And just so you know, I road test each makeup in all of my reviews even if it means rocking neon pink lips or dark smokey eyes in scrubs! Sometimes patients ask me what lipstick I’m wearing but probably most of them think who the hell is this RN walking like a painting, hahaha! In pretty normal days ‘tho, I keep everything simple.

Not being a complete hyprocrite here but honestly, I do get distracted with over-chiseled/ contoured face, uber caky foundation and over-emphasized brows (I’m talking about concealing eyebrows 3 or 4 shades lighter than skin color). I’ve seen some I secretly wish I can do a makeunder with, not because I’m a  nosy ass stickler but it’s just that “less is definitely more” sometimes. I know, I know, it’s none of my goddam business. Pardon my french, ‘told ya this shit is unedited. I love makeup but I’m not afraid to embark on a makeunder101.

What about you?


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