Hello mah ladies. Welcome to another segment of TheFabZilla chit-chat. Newbie here? In a nutshell, it’s our mid-week break from product reviews and whatnots. It’s when you and I talk like regular human beings, yanno like girlfriends discussing the season finale of The Walking Dead. In short, everything you read is unedited. Sarcasm, check. Humor, check. Smarts, check. I expect the same, so speak your gut.

For this week, let me touch-base on makeup tutorials that don’t really make sense. Now if you have done any of these tutorials, I apologize in advance! If you have followed these tutorials at one point, I apologize. If you’ve seen my jurassic (ancient) posts talking about these tutorials, I apologize; people change, so does preference. With that out of the way, grab a bag of chips or pint of Haagen Daazs ‘coz here I am saying, sorry not sorry y’all, hahaha!

1. How to Look Cute in School.

Call me old school but back then, I never really bothered about looking cute in school. Maybe because I wasn’t cute to begin with. I guess being acne-laden with coke bottles don’t make anyone cute ha? But see, you go to school to learn and not to become some bimbo! Remember this generation x y z, makeup may give you confidence but education gives you power. While I applaud the creativity of our present-day tweens, I cannot for the life of me understand tarantula lashes and heavily-lined eyes. More, they call themselves makeup gurus….. shoot! goose bumps here.

2.  Makeup When You’re Swimming

I said it before and I will shamelessly say it again, unless you are a member of the Aqualilies or you do synchronized swimming entertainment for a living, you don’t need to paint your face with a shitload of crap. I’m not kidding, I’ve seen way too many videos piling on makeup after makeup. Contouring for swimming, who the hell does that? Much as I love makeups but there’s a point you have to go barefaced. Sunscreen and tinted lip balm with SPF are probably enough woman!

3. Get Ready With Me Videos, Eleventy Eight Bajillion Times

I like watching GRWM (get ready with me) video, I know you do too. Fact is, it gives me ideas what others are using on a daily basis. But can I ask a little favor? please don’t bombard me with GRWM every freakin’ time. It’s akin to you posting your OOTD in every occasion which IDGAF. Get ready with me (going to Walmart), Get ready with me (going to the beach), Get ready with me (watching a movie), Get ready with me (going to Starbucks). Girl, are you kidding me? Unless you are showing different makeup technique for every occasion you are attending, then I don’t need to see the same old cat eyes, plastic-ky lips and curly hair you’ve been doing over and over. 

4. Hair Tutorial: Messy bun

If you know how to ties shoe laces, then you know how to do messy bun. Enough said. No, seriously, it’s called messy bun for nothing. Simply put, tie your hair whichever way you want. The messier, the sexier…

Had a good laugh? it’s your turn. What makeup tutorials you don’t really like?


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