Ey look who’s back! If you’re new to TheFabZilla, Weekly Chitchat is our mid-week break from all things makeup. In here, I invite you to speak your mind or talk from the heart. It’s when you and I touch-base with life’s realities. Harsh, enigmatic, sad, victorious, whatever state you are in now, know that life is never perfect but we can always make it better.

Notice the absence of “How to” in my title? It is deliberately withheld because nobody holds THE key to a positive life. You can read countless self-help books and attend numerous peer support group sessions, yet at the end of the day, you’re still the same Debbie Downer who organizes pity parties or Negative Nancy who makes anybody’s life damn miserable. Reality is, you can’t be Miss Positive 100% of the time.

See I’m not here to speak like Deepak Chopra or motivate you ala- Maya Angelou. I am just me. Like you and the rest of humanity, I have been surrounded by negative people and circumstances all my life. I stumbled many times, cried a river, was ridiculed and betrayed. But I fought back real hard, not in a mighty- physical-hair-pulling-kind-of way but rather creatively. Or better yet, in a manner totally unexpected. If life gives you lemon, don’t just make lemonade. Have some varieties: lemon pie, lemon jam, lemon chicken, lemon face scrub, etc. When one door closes, multiple windows may open. Somebody’s loss is someone else’s gain. And please, don’t expect change to happen if you won’t change anything.

Easier said than done. It takes a great amount of maturity to achieve optimism amidst adversities. So point-blank, how do you thrive in a shit-hole?

Maybe we can learn a thing or two from this frog.

Ever heard of the frog race story? One day, a group of tiny frogs organized a running competition. The goal is to reach the very top of a tall tower. Bigger frogs and all sorts of animals gathered around the contestants not exactly to cheer but question the ability of these tiny frogs. Hecklers, jerks, trolls! “It’s way too difficult, nobody will make it”. “You’re just a frog”. “That tower is too high, you’re so tiny!” One by one, those poor little frogs start to fall, either they got tired or they just gave up completely. Except for one. After long tedious hours, this frog made it to the top!

And the reason? teeny-tiny frog turned out to be deaf!!!

The lesson here is pretty basic. Negativity is contagious. Pessimism steals your bright potential. So if you need to ignore and detach yourself from negative friends, relatives, colleagues, etc. by all means, just do it! You deserve a happy, drama-free life. Mark my word: they will rot while you continue to shine.

It’s your turn to speak. How do you stay positive?


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