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Hi ladies! Welcome to another session of #weeklychitchat, a (virtual) place where you and I exchange viewpoints, agree or disagree, deviate from makeup topics, break barriers, blah blah blah. Yeah, it only happens mid-week or when I feel like it. It’s nothing forced so everything you read emanates from the bottom of my hypothalamus, haha! Today, let me touch on “slowing down”.

I tell you what. I read fast, I walk fast, I eat fast, I do things fast, I speak fast, even more when I’m hella mad. It’s a habit that’s hard to break. So what’s my issue then?

You see because I’m fast, sometimes I get impatient when people can’t keep up with my pace. Years back, my ex- general manager told me that some of my colleagues felt intimidated with me. While they burn oil finishing their marketing plan for weeks, I’m done in a few days. Straight from the horse’s mouth “We are here, you are miles away. You are already at the finish line when the race hasn’t started yet”. Ouch!

Because I read fast, sometimes I miss pertinent points, oh shoot!
Because I eat fast, I don’t get to enjoy a sumptuous meal like I should, oh geez!
Because I walk fast, I tripped many times, ah shit!
And because I do things fast, I feel overwhelmed at times, ah dafuq!

“Take it one step at a time, there’s no race”; “Eat slow, it’s no Man vs. Food”.  Sure, words of wisdom from Le Mister.

Slowing down. At one point, I realized that we really have to learn to stop and smell the roses. Okay maybe not literally sniffing your neighbor’s roses but you know what I mean. Take it slow. Pace yourself. Enjoy the ride. Hmmm, easier said than done!

I’m trying. I’m a work in progress. I know I have slowed down in some aspects of my life. What used to be hectic nights of socializing all in the name of networking is solemnly replaced with chill-mode evenings with the hub and furry babe. I’m learning to speak at a pace my senior patients can understand. I try to walk normal except when crossing the street. I don’t beat myself up by trying to do simultaneous things lightning-fast. Why the change of heart? See, I realized that I can’t enjoy life if I don’t stop for a moment. I am in no competition with others but myself. And yeah, that freakin’ finish line is painted the same color so I’m gonna have a cup of coffee, slice of german chocolate cake, sit back, relax, and pass time for a bit. Carpe diem.

Okay, it’s your turn. How do you handle life’s nonstop grind?



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45 thoughts on “Slowing Down

  • Kathryne, this post was absolutely enriching 🙂
    I really liked that you touched upon how we lose the little things in life, mostly, the very imp, in our hurry/race towards finishing what ever we are doing.
    I rather, try to take my time for some things which I feel are important whereas the rest, I try to finish them ASAP.
    And I think, you were just good at your work and that is the reason no one could really keep pace with you. So, I feel that, that is a good thing 🙂

  • This is a great post, and something I struggle with myself!! I too am trying to slow down and enjoy the little things! 🙂

  • Absolutely love this post!!!! I also walk fast, read fast even talk fast. Lol…. It is a huge adjustment to just slow down, but so many times you can enjoy the moments better when you do. 🙂 great post!!!

  • 🙂 I agree with you 100%!

  • You know… I actually do stop and smell my neighbor's roses every time I go to the beach, and they don't seem to mind 🙂 I used to live in the heart of a HUGE megapolis and for years I've always been rushing, so I definitely know the feeling. Some people believe that if you take it slow, that automatically makes you a lazy procrastinator, but IMO it's all about efficiency and good time management. I had to learn to take it slow, too, but I certainly enjoy life more and experience way less stress while still meeting all deadlines 🙂

    • I love your attitude! When I was in my early 20s-early 30s, I ran the fast lane. It took a toll in my personal life, I had everything I wanted but lost what I shouldn't. That's when I realized I need to reconfigure my priorities. Fast forward today, I couldn't be more happy with a laid-back and simple life I chose.

  • Me and you sound the same. I live my life in high speed and while it is good for some things it is bad for others.

  • I definitely feel like I need to slow down in life but as soon as I do, I feel the need to also pick up the pace! Every night, hubby and I try to watch a few hours of TV together before bed. We work non stop during the week. I do most of my blogging on the weekends so that I can spend my "free time" during the week with my hubs. Also….mmmmm, cake!!!

    • We're the same. I try to do most of the blogging thingimajig on weekends. Funny because the only show that keeps me and the hub glued to our seat is The Walking Dead…it's our bonding moment. And oh, zombie movies too!, LOL

  • Yoga helps me slow down and become more mindful, more in the present. I'm entering a really busy phase at work now and I noticed I'm less willing to take the time to do yoga in the morning, which helps me get centered. I need to not let crunch time crowd out the very things that help me to cope well!

    • I admire you for having the time in the morning to do yoga! For the life of me, I can't wake up early to exercise, I need those extra minutes, haha! But you're right, we need to find time to keep us centered and grounded.

  • I do everything on cruise control. It's pretty bad. I don't know how many times I've been driving (and aware, I swear!) but then be like, "How'd I even get here?!"

  • I've been working on slowing down too. I think that it's because we strive to do so much every single day. Sounds like you're on the right track though.

  • I'm so the opposite.. so slow, I'm almost stopped! I admit, though, I love my life, and I'm very lucky to be able to enjoy some of those moments you talk about. I know not everyone agrees with how I live my life (it drives my mom nuts that I'm not more ambitious!) but I think when I look back on it, I'll be happy with how I spent my time and who I spent it with.

    • Hi Nidia. I think overall, it's how we live our life, fast or slow, as long as it makes you happy then it should be fine. The fastest and most ambitious aren't necessarily the happiest!

  • I do the same thing, I rush and I need to slow down.

  • I'm the same way :/ Rush rush rush. Except with my son .. I always stop everything to do things with him

  • I'm doing my own slow down right now! It's definitely working out in my favor.

  • I walk fast. Have since I was in school lol

  • I am the same way and have learned over time to be more patient with people who can't keep up! Lately I've been feeling a bit overwhelmed, so I have made a conscious effort to change up my routine and do things differently – to make my life easier!

  • YES. YES. YES. I'm just nodding my head aggressively in agreement.

  • who great , great change your loved ones are the most important keep it that way, blessings, for you and your family

  • I am the same way. I have to force myself to just breath.

  • My BF keeps hinting that I need to slow down. I've always got so much on my plate. Although I enjoy keeping busy, I def need to take some time for myself once in a while!

    • I understand. When I was your age, I was living the fast life. I want to have everything and accomplish so many things. So just seize every opportunity that comes your way. Slowing down comes with age and experience. But your BF is right, pace yourself sometimes. Go out and have some fun!

  • Great advice. I need to slow down a little bit too.

  • OH gosh…you sound like me. I need to slow down as well. Loved your advice, thx girly!

  • Slowing down is probably one of the hardest things to do because everything around us is going by to fast

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