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So let’s talk about outfit and makeup amongst people past their prime. First, waddafuq is past their prime? Generally speaking, when you are in your 20s to 30s, people say that you are at your prime. It’s when you graduate from college, land a decent job, purchase a car or home, or start a family. In short, it’s when great things happen. But isn’t that bull-of-a-shit stereotyping? You can be in your late 60s and still at your prime or it could be the opposite- you can be in your 20s but haven’t reached prime. Look! I am few months shy from the big 4-0, you mean I’m going downhill?

You know I love me some bold bright lippies, does it mean I can no longer wear fuchsia, burgundy, fiery red and all that jazz?

Laid-back glam. When I’m out and about, chances are, you will see me wearing shorts, maxis, wedges, or anything a twenty or thirty-something-year-old woman would normally wear. Does it mean I should start dressing conservatively to fit in the “older” crowd? Tell me, am I too old to be even instagramming my #OOTD?

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Hollywood glitz. Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Aniston, Halle Berry. These women redefined 40s. Truth: I watch American Idol primarily to see J Lo’s outfit and makeup. I admire Halle Berry’s uber fit bod. I drool over Jennifer Aniston’s chic style. Our first Lady Michelle O just turned 50, gosh! those biceps are prime! But see they are celebrities, of course they can afford to look fab past their prime.

I beg to disagree. I know some women in their 70s who still enjoy makeup and dressing up. One time I complimented a woman in her 80s with great-looking nail art and another one in her late 60s with very cute hot pink highlights. It’s not clinging to bygone youth or desperately seeking attention. Honestly, age is just a number fellas. Feel young, look young. Feel fab, look fab. It’s all in the attitude. Grow old but don’t wilt.

Embracing wrinkles and weak knees. Much as I march to my own drumbeat, I know in time my makeup and outfit preference will change, but not because society dictates it. Let’s be real, moi can’t be wearing 4-inch wedges with a cane in tow or rocking metallic eyeshadow to my colonoscopy procedure or sashaying in shorts with full view of my varicosities. But even then, who cares?!

You heard (read) me loud and clear. It’s your turn. Are there rules in makeup or outfit for women in every stage and age?


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41 thoughts on “Is there such a thing as appropriate makeup or outfit when you’re past your prime?

  • I loved this post! First of all you don't look anywhere near 40. You are aging beautifully! Also, I think I will be rocking a bright lippie well into my 60s. Let's not let all the young people have fun!

    I'm 27 and everyone tells me I'm in my prime, but I have to disagree. I have a young kid and one on the way, my career is on hold, and we have debt. In the next year, I hope to have all of our debt paid off, and in the next 5-6 years (if not sooner) I hope to get back to working a career full time. I think once all my debt is paid off, I own a house, and I'm back at work, I will be in my prime! I can't wait for my 30's and 40's honestly. And with all this beauty blogging, I think my skin will be holding up just fine by then!

    • Thanks so much Justina for your sweet comment and inputs! Wow, I didn't know you have another one on the way, congrats! I hope you achieve your life goals. One thing I learned when I was your age is not to compare myself with my college or high school friends who got ahead fairly early. We all have our time to shine. I like how you have your priorities all set up. Thanks to beauty blogging, in a way it did help us to take care of our skin much better. Hugs!

  • The nice thing about being in my 40s is that it is easier to ignore all the rules and random opinions about what I should or shouldn't do. I believe in wearing what makes me feel good, whether that's clothes or makeup! You rock out with that bold lippie as long as you want. When you're too old to keep it off your teeth, maybe you might want to re-evaluate! lol

    • True that Nidia. I feel that as this point in my life, I don't need to please everyone. Life is short to worry about what others have to say. Carpe diem.

  • I think there is much more flexibility regarding personal appearance than there used to be! I do think it's important to recognize the norms embraced in your professional environment, but having said that, my nails are currently pale yellow with a topcoat called Green Graffiti, which isn't exactly a traditional look. However, as much as I'd like to add pink highlights to my hair, I'm pretty sure that would be hard to get away with at work. And oh, I'm 50 ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Thanks for your insights Lulubelle. I agree, sometimes you have to adapt to your work environment but w/o compromising your true personality. Yay to us who believe that age is just a number!

  • I am a firm believer in "whatever makes you happy". To me, that means wear whatever makeup, hairstyle and clothing that makes you feel good regardless of age. I will be 39 in about a week and it's really only been about 7 years since I even started wearing makeup! I feel I have a lifetime of experimentation left :).

  • I live every day like I'm in my prime, because life is too short to care what people think of your outfits or lipstick. Some of my friends, and especially family members, care way too much about others' perception of them. It's not my place to say it's the wrong thing to do, but I do believe they will end up regretting this behavior later in life.

    • I completely agree w/ you. I think it comes w/ age and experience. When I was wayyyy younger, I care too much what others say; but see, there will be people who will hate regardless. True, life is short, carpe diem.

  • Love this post!!! I agree that there's no right way to dress or do makeup past a certain age. Sometimes it can be shocking to see an elderly woman who's still rockin a bold lippy or outfit but you know what? It's their life! If they're happy then to hell with the rest of us!

  • I don't think there's MUCH "past their prime" stuff – but sometimes I do sit back and wonder where a certain woman gets the balls to wear something she's worn. Bold lippies are timeless and classic – but overbearing makeup and teased up hair, paired with a short jean skirt and cowboy boots on a 70 year old woman? I'd consider that "past her prime." BUT if it's what she wants to wear, and she's comfortable in it, more power to her!

    • Now that you've mentioned about it, I remember another woman in her late 70s who loves wearing plunging neckline and micro-mini. We may not understand the motive behind the "seductress" image, but if that makes her happy, so be it ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Great post! I do find some things to be "past your prime" but not too often!

  • I say GO FOR IT! Wear what makes you happy, not what makes other people happy!

  • Love this post. I can't believe you are about to have that milestone birthday girl. You are gorgeous! I hope one day I am getting compliments on my rad nail art and fun hair when Im 60+

    • Thanks so much. I think my being petite fakes the age too, haha! We will grow old but won't wilt. And when the time comes I see you with your rad nail art and funky hair, trust me I'm the first to say "where did you have your hair/nails done?"

  • I wear what I like. Some people like it. Some people don't. I don't wear it for them. I wear it for me. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • As I mentioned on IG I love the idea of this post !! By the way you don't look your age at all, you appear much younger. I think that as long as a person is comfortable with the trends then go for them

  • I feel that appropriate-ness is COMPLETELY relative. What I don't think looks good may be what you LOVE! I just keep telling myself "I do what I want" ๐Ÿ˜€

  • This is a great post. I personally think, when is our "prime"? Ok, so maybe my aesthetic prime was a few years ago but my emotional and mental prime is now and that means I wear things with confidence, which means (stay with me here) I would look better now than I did as a hunched-over, depressed emo. That's my case and I'm sticking to it!

  • I think you have a great outlook on this subject. I love your confidence! I too feel that wear what makes you feel good! I dress and do my makeup for me, not anyone else. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Girl, you are fabulous (insert 3 snaps here). I would love to have some girl chat over a bowl of pho with you – maybe one day I'll make it to HI!

  • I dress for fun, for myself and for comfort.

    Short story….I was shopping with my younger sister and asked her if she remembered when we'd see 'old' women dressed up, lots of makeup, big sunglasses, bold looks. She eyed me suspiciously (which is wise) and said 'yeeeeaaahhhh…..?' I pretended to break out in tears and said 'I've become one of them!!!!

    • hahaha! I'm telling you now, I will be wearing bright bold lippy forever,LOL! Funny because whenever I see old women wearing makeup, I'd motion to my hub and tell him "that's me in the future".

  • I think as long as the wearer is comfortable and confident they can pull off whatever they want. While also not crossing that line to trashy lol and you def do not look your age, I never would've guessed you for almost 40! Spill da secrets!

    • LOL! Thanks for the comment sistah! The only secret, aside from all these potions and serums, is being positive. Meaning, I stay away from all things melodramatic, ๐Ÿ™‚

  • oh, your post title alarmed me but this was a great post! I'm 40 something….and I haven't found my prime yet. It's an attitude and things to me keep getting better with age. My mother is celebrating 70 soon but you'd never know it, she loves to dress up, try new things, she may be in her prime now!

    • Oh I'm glad to know we share the same thoughts! Age is just a number indeed. It's nice that your mom still enjoys dressing up. Nobody's too old to try new things! Hugs to you and your mom!

  • oh, your post title alarmed me but this was a great post! I'm 40 something….and I haven't found my prime yet. It's an attitude and things to me keep getting better with age. My mother is celebrating 70 soon but you'd never know it, she loves to dress up, try new things, she may be in her prime now!

  • Great post! I think one's prime can last a loooooong time depending on your attitude toward aging. While there are a few fashions that I'd love to buy but seem to young for me,most things are fair game. Both of my aunts are beautiful into their 70s and 80s. In fact, my 86 year old aunt is still rocking' fuchsia lipstick! So Never Say Die beauties!

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