Welcome to our weekly chit-chat ladies! This time let’s talk about fragrance.
Do you have a signature scent?
Do you like fruity, floral, musky, citrus?
Do you collect perfumes?
Do you prefer parfum, eau de toilette, cologne, mist or oil?
Do you wear a certain fragrance because you adore it or because your man loves it on you?

Let’s start with my fragrance profile. I don’t think I have a signature scent but I do have some favorites that I rotate on a regular basis. I prefer either parfum or EDT in the morning and cologne or mist in the evening. I wear heavier or muskier scents on colder months and floral or citrusy during summertime. Whenever I make online purchases from Sephora or Nordstrom, I always choose fragrance samples as freebies. That’s how I got reoriented with my favorite scent from my not-so-distant past, FlowerbyKenzo. It’s powdery and floral, with notes of Bulgarian rose and Parma violet. It’s true, fragrance is cathartic. It can trigger emotions and/ or bring back memories, good or bad. Long story short, I purchased FlowerbyKenzo because it moved me on a whiff. It transported me back to my younger years– I was in my early 30s, newly-single, quite vulnerable, undaunted, traveling to different countries, on hindsight wanting to meet that special someone who will embrace my strengths, silliness and love for zombies, hahaha! Luckily, I met that guy who shares the same humor, smarts, and fascination with zombies (from George Romero’s genre to present-day The Walking Dead).

So this good-looking man who is now my husband asked me few days ago “what’s that perfume you’re wearing babe? It throws me off, I feel like a cradle snatcher when I make love to you, it’s very teenager!”. To which I responded, “waddafuq? I love this scent, it’s Kenzo and it’s sentimental to me! “. Of course I didn’t take what he said seriously.
Then two nights ago, out of the blue Le Hub sneezed and asked “what are you wearing this time babe? it smells like an old lady”. “Waddafuq, again? I’ve been wearing this Morrocan Rose (The Body Shop) for some time now! look, the bottle is almost empty!” To which he rebutted “But I miss your other scent; fruity suits you more. Do you want me lie to you?” Strike two. This time I had to think.

His Nose versus Her Nose. Yeah, it’s petty to stage an argument over fragrances so someone has to give. But see I’m stubborn, I like my fragrances as they are, take it or leave it. Smell or move away. Sniff or sneeze.

Her Nose versus His Nose. Ask any woman and she will associate “good smell” with attractiveness. Between Joe (the average-looking dude who wears Hugo Boss) and hunky Mike (who doesn’t wear any), who do you think will get more attention? Good thing, my man smells good, including his armpits! And please, he’s not the guy up there, haha!

Our nose, our pheromones. Pheromones are naturally occurring odor you and I have. It’s odorless but it triggers a response from the opposite sex. It’s a scent our bodies excrete regardless of the fragrance we wear. But where do these pheromones come from? armpit, wrist, bosom? Do you know that’s how snakes find their mate? Fact or fiction, there are some companies who market pheromones with a promise of making you more attractive. But you know me, I don’t buy this bullshi+   Either you smell good or stink.

What say you?


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40 thoughts on “His Nose vs. Her Nose: What The Opposite Sex Says About Your Fragrance

  • lol – I love the photo you choose in this post. I think it's called a meme? My hubby and I have almost the same scent profiles… I think for the most part if I choose a scent he'll love it – unless I choose something super musky – for some reason, that is one we never love together. lol Oh well, I'll stick to my sugary sweet scents or my Coach Love. 🙂

  • I'm half asleep but I agree, you either smell good or you smell like bullshit.

    I vote for smelling good.

  • I know most men don't really wear cologne daily, but I always try to make my hubs use it when I remember, especially if we're going out. I do believe that a nice scent makes a man more attractive, so he wears what I like, and I wear what he likes. Seems like most guys love when girls smell like food (either herbs and spices, or fruit and baking goods): vanilla, cupcakes, caramel, pumpkins, pineapples, coconuts etc. Most of my male friends really dislike florals, unless it's a very light one (subtle lilacs, low con jasmine or lily of the valley). And almost all of them hated fragrances with prominent rose or gardenia notes, they said those two are very "mature".

    • Gotcha! jasmine and rose: mature or old-lady smell. It's interesting how men react to scents that smell like food. I wonder what goes inside their minds *winks*

  • My man hardly EVER comments on my perfume. My coworkers are more aware, lol. I always get the perfume samples at Sephora, too, which is how I fell in love with Chloe. The first day I wore it to work a coworker immediately gushed over it. I can't stop smelling myself when I wear it, lol! I actually wish my husband wore cologne. He's had the same bottle of Hugo Boss for probably decades, lol. I should probably get him something I like for Valentine's Day!!! LOL

    • Judy, the men in our life are the same, lo-maintenance. They have their comfort levels I guess! Right now, I don't know what to give him for V-day because he kept on saying I don't have to give him anything. Of course when he asks me, I'd say straight makeup, haha!

  • I love a good cologne but it won't make me more attracted to a person. Didn't know that about the snakes btw. That's pretty cool.

  • Hmmm commented on this and it didn't take? UGH!

    My husband never notices what fragrance I wear. I tend to use one at a time, tho, so maybe he's just used to it? haha

  • The same fragrance can be a horror or a wonder on different people. Our body chemistry plays such a big part into how it wears.

  • I agree with Marcia! It's crazy how it can smell completely different from me to another person. I wear Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue most of the time but sometimes I venture out in VS body sprays. I think whatever I wear, my fiance likes.

  • Nice article! One of my favorite perfumes makes my boyfriend cringe!

  • Great article!

  • I wear what I like – my husband's nose doesn't work most of the time, anyway! He switches between a few colognes I like on him – Pi, Pleasures for Men, mostly. I understand that most men go crazy for the simple scent of vanilla extract! I wonder what your hubby would say to that scent!!

    • High 5 Nidia! We wear what we like. And guess what, I wore a vanilla mist and my hub isn't a fan. I think he favors the perfume he gave me, probably that's why (Michael Kors rose gold edition)

  • I love this post! I'm so fussy when it comes to fragrance… I've worn the same one for years and can't find one that I like more.

  • every boyfriend i've had has always been obsessed with my scent lol it's kinda weird – i use burberry classic (and usually some kind of sweet body wash that smells like dessert)

  • My husband and I love the same fragrances. This makes it easy to buy him soap, cologne, etc.

  • The pic of that man cracked me up! My husband and I have the same taste in fragrance.

  • I usually pick fruity and light floral scents.

  • bahaha…once again, hilarious. I love what your husband said to you! I am a musky girl though for some reason…but the huz loves fruity smells…so I have some of both!

  • LMFAO at the meme! I lean toward floral/fruity usually. Chanel Chance EDT has been my signature scent for around 10 years or so. I just can't quit it… too many compliments from random strangers tell me its a winner lol tho I do cheat on it once in awhile 😉

  • LOL! This post (and your meme!) made me laugh. I've always gone by the assumption that men like food-related smells, so when there's a man I'd like to impress I douse myself with Vanilla!

  • Hahaha! I guess I'm lucky that my guy is anosmic (he can't smell much of anything), so his preferences on fragrance isn't an issue. Lately, I've been wearing the big Musc Ravageur by Frederick Malle. I adore it, and that's what counts

    • You got me intrigued with your fragrance! I have to try it!!! Lucky you have a guy who can't smell so it doesn't matter if the person near him smells like fish, hahaha!

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