tom ford casabalanca swatch review, best nude lipstick, top neutral shade lipstick, tom ford makeup

“Give a woman lipstick and she’s fine. But give a woman high-end lipstick and she will love you to the moon and back”- TheFabZilla, lipstick- obsessed.

tom ford 03 casablanca review swatch, tom ford makeup

tom ford 03 casablanca review swatch, tom ford makeup

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Still part of my holiday presents, Tom Ford 03 Casabalanca maybe the next nude lipstick you’re looking for. Let me elaborate.

But see, nude is both relative and subjective. While I see Casablanca as neutral, some of you may argue and say that it’s dark and to some extent, bold. For the record, Casabalanca appears mauve-rose on my lips but I’ve read some blogs describing it plum or nude pink. Must be the lips’ pH? You bet. Is debate necessary to substantiate a real nude or can we all have a truce and say that neutral can be reproduced in hundred and one shades?

Chill woman, look at you and your classic analysis paralysis; and you complain what a complicated life you have? haha!

Casablanca, as with the rest of Tom Ford lipsticks, is housed in a dark brown tube with gold trimming. It is slightly shiny sans the tacky feel. It is opaque in one pass with commendable five-hour wear time. It’s also moisturizing so applying lip balm underneath is not necessary. It has a hint of vanilla scent, kinda like MAC but more mature if you get what I mean.

I don’t know about you but each time I wear neutral lipstick, I feel innocent, demure and overall wholesome. In my dreams! 

tom ford 03 casablanca swatch, review, best nude lipstick, top neutral lipstick, tom ford smells vanilla

Do you feel the same way when wearing neutrals?


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