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Wanting to change is just a plan until you bite the bullet and do it. It can be as mind-blowing as moving to another country to start your life anew or as mundane as having a new haircut just because. Regardless, I wish you good luck in your journey!

Today we will tackle what seems to be trivial to some, how to update your look this year.  The great thing about it is that you don’t need to spend a fortune. But can we all pinkie- swear that today will be the start of the new fabulous you?

1. Pucker up. The no-nonsense way to amp up your look is to graduate from your usual lip shade. I have nothing against you wearing Avon but my gawd, you’ve been wearing that old rose shade since college! And we are talking Beverly Hills 90210 circa-90 girly. Try red this year. Don’t be intimidated, there is THE perfect red for you, all you need is to swipe. I bet your Avon Lady will be happy to see you order a different color. Need tips on how to wear red lipstick? The goodies are here.

2. Bold accessories. So you’re the shirt and jeans type, no we’re not going to change that as I’m all about comfort too. But can we add a statement neckpiece this time?  I know there’s a diva waiting to be unleashed in you. Now roll and roar!

3. The eyes have it. Eyeliners don’t come exclusively black. You don’t even need makeup skills to whip up a new eye makeup. Just replace black with purple or teal or bronze. You’ll be amazed with the instant transformation. Want to try colorful cat eyes? See my version here.

4. New hairstyle. You don’t need a breakup to chop your hair. Why even go that extreme.  Try bob if pixie is too short for you.  If you’re sporting straight-hair all your life, try beach waves. Just do what makes you feel fabulous. Carpe diem. Life is short.

5. New hair color. If you don’t want a new hairstyle, why not try a new hair color? If DIY scares you, leave it to your hairstylist. Last year I asked my stylist to dye mine ala- J Lo. I have not decided yet what color I want this year but there will be an update on that for sure.

6. Hello brows. If you still doubt the power of brows to change your look, think again. If you know me well enough, like we’re ->this<- close then you must be aware that I despise ungroomed brows. I can understand stray hairs here and there because who has the time to monitor new growth and pluck every so often. But I’m talking about Incredible Hulk, shapeless, or totally neglected brows. Take the first step, study your face shape and the right eyebrows to compliment it. If you have no clue, visit a brow salon. For maintenance, just buy a good pair of tweezers and pluck your own.

In unison, lets’ all scream TGIF. You become what you perceive.

’til our next chitchat,


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