It’s time for another chit-chat my lovelies! I know it’s way too early to talk about spring, what with the volume of snow you guys in the mainland are experiencing. Don’t laugh but at low 50s here in Hawaii, I’m cold as ice, brrrr!

Consider spring-cleaning as my figure of speech. What I really mean is overhauling some aspects of your life or things you probably ignore on a day-to-day basis because
(1) they are petty;
(2) you never have the time;
(3) nobody appreciates your effort anyways;
(4) you’re a procrastinator;
(5) you don’t like change.

I don’t mean to sound like Oprah or influence your beliefs ala Chopra, of course to each his own. My life ain’t 100% perfection either. But we are here to empower and rally each other. While I have done most of the things I mentioned below, I still need to accomplish more. So yes, you and I will take it one step at a time like virtual BFFs.

(1) Alright let’s start with the obvious, what else but makeups! Please tell me you know that makeups expire. While it’s been said that you have to toss your lipsticks after 2 years, or mascaras every 3 or 4 months, I say stick to your guns and practice common sense. Anything that smells funky and looks moldy should be thrown pronto. If you are keeping them for sentimental reasons or because they are part of a limited collection you hate to divorce, by all means keep but please don’t evah use it.

(2) Next, let’s attack the most-used yet least-maintained part of the kitchen, the friggin’ fridge! When was the last time you have tossed expired products? Girly, that barbecue sauce has been sitting there for 3 years. And that ranch dressing, it says expiry March 2012! What about that turkey sandwich from last week’s leftover? Can we all review what’s in the fridge and toss everything that doesn’t look right? It’s no rocket science and I’m sure we can finish in ten minutes or less. Got another 15 minutes? let’s deep-clean our beloved fridge!

(3) Now let’s tackle The Mighty Closet. So you’re still keeping a pair of acid-washed jeans that you wore in the 80s, twenty or so shirts in every shade of brown, fifteen pairs of black boots, dusty handbags, brand new clothes in plastic bags, and still complain that you don’t know what to wear for tomorrow? Dang! Can we have a show of hands here? haha! But seriously, revisiting my closet every now and then helped me curtail unnecessary spending on clothes. Gone are the days of haulin‘ because Forever 21 is running a sale. For one, I wear scrubs 6 days in a week; Second, I prefer timeless styles; Third, I prefer quality over quantity. Lastly, I’m too freakin’ old for Forever 21, haha! So how do you purge your closet then? TDS.
Toss old or dated items (bye acid-washed!)
Donate decent clothes to Dress for Success (or other associations) if Goodwill doesn’t interest you.
Sell in swap meets or online and earn money from “trash”!

(4) Next is my favorite way to spring-clean, purge friends! Tell me if you can relate: you open your Facebook only to read countless feed of rants from so-called friends who do nothing but complain, show-off, or spew hate. Then you have these real-life friends who only remember your goddam existence when they need something from you (husband issues, children issues, money issues, geez I’m no Mother Theresa!). So yes, call me heartless but I have purged my list many times over. I refuse to re-connect because I don’t want drama and invite negativity in my life. It’s a rude awakening but I wasn’t born to please anyone, let alone save anyone. Fooled twice and betrayed thrice, Sorry I’d rather help a stranger than a user-friendly friend. So there, welcome to my drama-free and happy life! I wish the same for you this year, we all deserve it!

(5) Pay off debts. Don’t we all strive for financial freedom? But see in the United States you need to be in debt to establish your identity a.k.a credit score. Your financial future depends on your credit history. While I love finer things in life, I’m not going to splurge on a $80k- Hermes bag and be in serious debt for x number of years. Hub and I have this mutual agreement– as long as we have roof on our heads, food on the table, decent transportation, retirement money, emergency cash fund, etc. we will not question each other how we use our extra money. It’s all about PRIORITIES. Having said that, it takes a great amount of discipline to be financially healthy. But if there’s a will, there’s a way. Trust me it can be done!

Ready to spring-clean?

’til our next chit-chat,


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