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Makeup brushes don’t come cheap. And if you’re a professional MUA, commoners like moi expect that you have some high-end brands in your kit. Things I may not consider buying; not today, not even in the future. But there is hope beauties, especially for this makeup junkie who sometimes yearns for affordable items without compromising quality.

I received this Crown Brush HD Set with Mirror and Tweezer ($27.95, Crown Brush website) for review purposes. Are they good enough? read further.

What is it exactly? Aside from the obvious that it’s a brush set, it arrived in my humble abode packaged in a pastel purple pouch with built-in-mirror. The tweezer is a nice ‘lil addition, you can never have too many tweezers woman! I would assume that HD stands for high-definition (correct me if I’m wrong) but in a nutshell, this set features six makeup brushes with purple-tipped bristles.

Let’s start with Pro Powder, undoubtedly my favorite from this set. I use it to apply powder (as a finishing touch to foundation). The bristles are really soft, they’re kind of tapered so this brush is also good for contouring.

Next is Tapered Blush, as the name implies, it’s for the cheeks. It’s a tad smaller compared to other cheek brushes I own. I use it mostly for highlighting and/ or cleaning fallouts from eyeshadows and whatnots.

Deluxe Contour is good for blending and contouring small areas like the side of my nose. It can also be used for highlighting the cheekbone or blending concealer under the eye area.

My other favorite from the set is the Crease Blender. Again the bristles are soft which makes blending easy peasy.

Next is the Chisel Shadow. Needless to say, it’s for the lids. 

Lastly, my least favorite but since it’s there I might as well use it, the Detail Liner. I seldom use cream-based eyeliner so that explains why.

If you are to buy these brushes individually, you will spend $70 in total so at $27.95, I say this set is a steal! I just wish there’s a foundation brush so it’s really an all-in-one kit! 

Have you tried Crown Brush? What say you?


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