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Only a makeup junkie would understand. That’s what I keep telling myself when I saw a sneak peek of the new Urban Decay Naked 3 palette. Like how many more Naked’s one can ever have?

Only a makeup junkie would do. Ordered half-awake, still in bed, yep the moment I saw the launch email.

How.can.you.not. You see Naked 3 boasts of twelve brand spanking new rosy neutrals. But is it really that different from 1 and 2? While some of the eyeshadows may look or feel the same, Naked crazies will tell you otherwise. Ready for my thoughts?

Let’s start with the packaging. Similar to Naked 2, it’s made from a sturdy metal but with distinguishable rose gold corrugated texture. Naked 3 is also embossed but with gold imprint. It snaps open/close just like 2.

Brush inclusion. There’s no denying that Urban Decay does it best with free brushes. Okay I take that back because those are part of the total cost. But don’t you just hate it when companies scrimp by giving you cheap- ass disposable brushes? Definitely not with Urban Decay! See how the brushes evolved from 1 to 3:

1: Flat shadow brush

2: Double-ended crease and shadow brush. 

3: Double-ended shadow brush (big and small)

Right off the bat, Naked 2 wins because you have two different yet functional brushes.

Side-by-side-by-side. Yes they’re naked. Yes they’re neutrals. But look, Naked 3 is definitely rosier! If you prefer a more subtle-slash-daytime friendly palette, then Naked 3 is right up your alley.

Now let’s do an arm swatch to see if they tell a different story.

Naked 1: 2 mattes, the rest are shimmery/metallic

Naked 2: 2 mattes, others are shimmery/metallic

Naked 3: 3 mattes, the rest are shimmery/ metallic

Naked 3 mattes have more buttery-feel than 1 and 2, it’s a stark improvement you can’t miss!

Finally let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of Naked 3. Here are the eyeshadows up close:

Strange is matte light beige, a tad powdery

Dust is pale pink with microglitters, with fallout issues

Burnout is satin rosy beige

Limit is matte pink beige

Buzz is shimmery dark pinkish-beige

Trick is shimmery rosy-copper

Nooner is matte chocolate 

Liar is shimmery mauve-pink

Factory is satin bronze-brown

Mugshot is shimmery mauve-bronze

Darkside is satin mauve-brown-plum

Blackheart is plum with copper microglitters

{ click photo to enlarge }

Some more additions (not in photo because I accidentally threw ’em): 4 sample sizes of eye primers (good for 5 uses, my guesstimate)

The heart of the matter. Except for Dust with major fallouts, the rest are consistently soft and buttery, something you and I already expect from Urban Decay. Worn over eye primer, I had no creasing issues. But do you really need this palette? Is it worth getting another Naked? Do we sense Naked 4, 6, 50, or maybe 7789 down the line? A purple or green Naked perhaps? Much as I am an enabler to you and I for a fact, been enabled by blogger-friends, all I can say is this: It all boils down to preference. Some say they look good in rosy hues, some say they don’t. Wear what makes you happy my friend. Buy if you have extra disposable income. Skip if it doesn’t impress you. Read more reviews, then make an informed decision. After all, it’s just makeup.

Here’s my FOTD featuring Naked 3!

Buzz on lids

Nooner on crease

Blackheart on outer corner

Darkside on lower lash line

Strange on brow bone

On lips: Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick (Liar)

Skip or buy for you?

Available at Sephora/Ulta/Urban Decay website in December 2013.

Update 8/6/14: Finally I have a tutorial for this palette! the goodies are here…

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