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I have some hair memories that I want to share with you today. It won’t be long, promise!

  • Once I had a classmate who burned my hair with a candle. I was eight or nine years old then, thankfully my teacher caught it right away! My grandma was furious upon learning the incident and if I remember it right, she fought with the spoiled girl’s mom. 
  • My mom is so obsessed with changing her hairstyle every now and then. One time she was perming, I got mighty curious I wanted it so bad. So there at eleven years young, I had my first ever perm. It didn’t help that my hair was already short so my friends started calling me Annie!
  • I’ve always had short hair, super cropped to be more specific. Cutting my hair short was my way of dealing with stress then.
  • Growing up, I had lifeless straight hair. My hair started to become wavy in mid- 2000. Since then I decided that I’ll grow my hair long like a real woman, haha!

Fast forward to future. Second to makeup, ooops make it third after handbags, haircare is my obsession. I’m sure you have noticed quite a few hair postings lately. Well it’s no secret that being a blogger (on the side) has exposed me to a multitude of brands outside my comfort zone (Sephora what else, lol). Enter Taya, a hair company with products made from raw, unprocessed, and natural super botanicals derived from the rainforest.  All Taya products are free from parabens, animal products and testing. I had the opportunity to try their Amazon White Clay Thickening Collection. As the name suggests, it is made from the Amazon River clay, known for its rich mineral salts and nutrients.

My hair isn’t thin but it’s lifeless, frizzy, and lacks volume. Without styling tools, it’s plain, bleh, boring.

So my initial thoughts with Taya were: since it’s made from clay, will it make my hair sticky or smell like mud?

Let’s start with the thickening shampoo ($20, 10 fl oz/300ml) and conditioner ($22, 10 fl oz/300ml). 

Ingredients: Amazon white clay, raw avocado oil, croton lechleri resin a.k.a dragon’s blood (known to have many uses in native Amazon medicine)

Both shampoo and conditioner have clay but surprisingly sweet fragrance. I have been using this combo for few weeks now, I like how it makes my hair soft and lifted. I can definitely tell that my hair isn’t as lifeless. Of course, without the styling tools and hair spray, it’s impossible to achieve a vavavooom before and after hairstyle as shown in the company’s website.

Next is the thickening hair leave-in mist ($22, 6 fl oz/ 177ml)  and hair spray ($24, 8 fl oz/ 236ml).

I use the leave-in mist either on damp or dry hair. It adds volume to my hair without the sticky icky feel. I use the thickening hair spray for styling, such as loose waves or updo’s.

Finally, here are the thickening hair spray ($24, 8 fl oz/ 266ml), whipped clay ($24, 6 fl oz/ 177ml), and  acacia collagen hair plumper ($24, 8 fl oz/ 266ml).

The thickening hair spray performs like your typical firm- hold spray sans the harsh chemicals. To achieve better results, it is recommended to spray hair before blow-drying for body and after blow-drying for volume and strong hold.

The whipped clay is similar to a mousse in terms of consistency and use.

The acacia collagen hair plumper acts like a mousse and hairspray in one. I like to use it to give boost to my roots.

So with all these product assortments, do you need them all to achieve hair perfection? No. It’s just a matter of personal preference. Out of all these, my top picks would be the hair shampoo and conditioner, leave-in mist, and acacia collagen hair plumper.

Curious on how I achieve bouncy waves with Taya Amazon White Thickening Clay?

1. Spray Taya leave-in hair mist, followed with a heat protectant.

2. Style or curl hair as you please. Want loose Kim K- like curls? I have a tutorial here. Want tight Beyonce curls? I have another one here.

3. Finish with Taya hair spray.

Where to buy Taya? company website and HSN.

Do you want to try the entire Taya Amazon White Clay Thickening Collection? 

One lucky TheFabZilla subscriber can win all these products (worth $182+). It’s open international my lovelies but you have to be at least 18 years old. Winner will be contacted via email. Taya will ship the prizes. Before entering, please read giveaway rules here

Runs from 10/21/13 to 11/4/13.

Wait for Rafflecopter widget to load. Good luck!!!

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45 thoughts on “Review and Giveaway: Taya Amazon White Clay Thickening Collection ($182+ retail value)- CLOSED

  • Well..In years I have changed my hair color many times, I have been dark brown (even black) and white blonde, dark again and blonde again (right now I am blonde too). And many times because of coloring my hair dark and then blonde, I have been yellow, orange and even blue 😀

  • After giving birth I experienced falling hair, thinning, frizzy hair…very unruly hair..everyday bad hair day! and I hate it so much… 🙁

  • I permed my highlighted hair once. It wasn't pretty, and I learned to stick with one process at a time.

  • welll few monts ago I had an horroble hair cut to narrow at the up side it was supposed to be in layers but she cutted to much at the upper part I loked like a kind disformed mushroom, and the worst part was the air come into my air have a light curly hair it felt like a mosquito in my ears that zoom zooom annoying

  • The day before my first day in highschool my Mom cut my bangs – let's just say EXCESSIVELY short. Devastating lol.

    Rafflecopter: Rosie Areola

  • I love home dying my hair – but sometimes it can be disastrous! One very important lesson I've learnt from personal experience is NEVER put blonde over hair that is already dyed with red tones!

  • I have Lupus and last year around this time I started to lose my hair during a "flare". Every time I would shower and wash my hair, I would have a handful of hair in my hand. I cried every time I showered for about 3 months. It started to grow back and then I had all of these little "baby hairs" growing back. I had to spray them down with hairspray but I was so happy to see it finally growing back! I haven't lost any hair since then and hopefully the medication I'm on for the Lupus will prevent that from happening again.

  • I have Lupus and last year around this time I started to lose my hair during a "flare". Every time I would shower and wash my hair, I would have a handful of hair in my hand. I cried every time I showered for about 3 months. It started to grow back and then I had all of these little "baby hairs" growing back. I had to spray them down with hairspray but I was so happy to see it finally growing back! I haven't lost any hair since then and hopefully the medication I'm on for the Lupus will prevent that from happening again.

  • I have Lupus and last year about this time my hair started falling out during a "flare". Each time I would shower and wash my hair, I would have gobs of lost hair in my hand. It was scary and I would cry every time I showered. This lasted for about 3 months. When it started to grow back I was so relieved, but then I had all of these tiny baby hair sticking straight up at my part…lol. I was happy to see them but I would spray them down with hairspray. Hopefully I won't have another flare where my hair falls out!

  • Back in the 80s a salon double processed my hair and I ended up having to shave off my already short hair…..not bald like with a razor and shaving cream bald……just picture Sinead O'Conner in need of a trim using the clippers kindof' bald hehehe

  • Several years ago, my sister asked me to "frost" her hair! Well, that I did and more…
    She turned out completely blonde!!!!! She was a teacher and was worried about going
    to work the next day. We laughed and cried…
    Thanks, Cindi

    • LOL Cindi, that's funny! suddenly I remembered myself cutting my cousin's hair. he wanted a cool shaved look, he was 14, i was 12 then. long story short, he had bald spots all over, he missed school for few days out of embarrassment, hahaha!

  • when I was a sophomore in college I tried to dye my hair red…it turned hot pink! it was not exactly the look I was going for and getting rid of it took over 3 weeks and multiple attempts at recoloring it…it ruined my hair! I had to chop it all off and start fresh. now my hair is long and healthy again!

  • I haven't heard of Taya before. I love the natural aspect of it! Your hair looks gorgeous, so shiny and healthy! 🙂

  • When I was in high school I decided to dye my hair, I have dirty blonde hair and it turned out orange.

  • this is my first time to hear/read about taya, and i would love to try this because my hair is thin and i want some volume 🙂 im excited that these are thickening 🙂

  • My unforgettable hair story is that I had my hair cut with hairclipper and had about half an inch hair left. This was my way to get rid of dyed hair 🙂

    Elena Rudaya
    queen-of-pain at yandex dot com

  • I discovered that coconut oil is a great hair mask ! And it smells….oh my….

  • This year around February I was getting my hair ready for my friend's wedding, so I went to the hairdresser's to have my hair dyed and cut. The color was lovely, but the haircut… oh my God I wanted to die! She cut me my bangs! After years of telling her I HATE BANGS! And she also ruined my long hair with a weird 80's look :S Seriously, it was horrible! I don't know why she did that and in the worst possible moment! The do she did on the wedding's day was not terrible, but only because it was all up and you couldn't see the disaster. Of course, she's no longer my hairdresser. The new one is taking nice care of my hair, but she had to chop it a lot to make it even. The bangs have finally grown and they're no longer super annoying. But it was horrible, I cried a lot 🙁

  • By the way, I'm Iriel on GFC 😉

  • Kim

    There was the time I has my husband highlight my hair. I have med-dark brown hair. It was the kind you pull through the cap and I had never had it done so we didn't know how much to pull though. He pulled my hair through, put the solution on and we let it set. After about 5 minutes he said "GET IT OFF, GET IT OFF!! IT'S WHITE!!!" Yes I had blond hair and a lot of it. I called my hair dresser the next day. She shrieked when I walked in. She was able to weave so brown back in. but it was quite a while till I was back to somewhat normal. Needless to say, we don't do that anymore…

  • I recently went from darkish brown hair with caramel and blonde highlights, which I've had for many, many years, to dark brown with hot pink streaks at the ends. I love it but I've had to stop washing my hair every day, plus I'm on holiday in New York and didn't bring any styling tools or products! It has been a challenge to manage my now dry hair. I bought a straightener and that is helping but why didn't I bring my hairdryer? Hotel ones are rubbish!

  • I have super baby fine wavy hair. I have always wished that I could magically transform my hair into the Victoria's Secret model locks of my dreams. I think winning this collection could help me get there!

  • when I cut my first hair myself- unforgettable horror story actually !! 😀
    Thanks for the awesome giveaway

  • The one that stands out the most was when I was 12 my mom brought me to get my hair cut my Reba McEntire's step daughter and mom asked her to cut my hair Short and it looked like the mom from the Brady bunch my very first boyfriend said I looked like a chicken since my hair was very frizzy those years, I was so humiliated .

  • Oh my! I'll never forget the day I went to dye my hair in a salon, and didn't ask any friend about it…. And ended up with fried, damaged, orange hair :C

  • I had my hair cut several times as a kid for accidentally sleeping with gum in my mouth, the gum would fall out of my mouth and onto my pillow and I toss and turn a lot..so yeah..you get the idea.

    When I was 6 or 7 I was so frustrated that I couldn't brush and tie my hair. I was so angry I got the pair of scissors in front of me and started to cut chunks of my hair in random places on my head. When dad came to brush my hair for me, piles and piles of my hair fell on the ground lol.

  • Jennifer Dysart

    Unforgettable hair story? Hmmm…ok haha, once when I was like 8, I got into my mom's brush curling iron and rolled it up all the way to the scalp. I had waist length hair at the time and the brush got stuck. Like….really stuck. My mom poured all sorts of crap in my hair, from oil to mayonnaise and then finally, we loosened it about a few inches and then we gave up and had it cut off. I was so mortified!!

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