Newsboy Hat, Only Better: Scala Collezione Fall/Winter 2013

                                                                                                                                          // PR Sample //

So here’s another classic piece from Dorfman Pacific, a newsboy hat from the Scala Collezione Fall/Winter 2013. It’s made from boiled wool (a process where the wool is shrunk and harsh chemicals are eliminated). The inside is lined with satin to protect the hair. I received black, you can’t go wrong with it, right? My head felt warm within minutes of wearing it so you ladies prancin’ in the cold weather will  benefit more from this hat.

Ey, glam up your newsboy hat for the season: Wear chandelier earrings and knee-high boots. And don’t forget to rock those plum lips my dear!

Where to buy? Hartfordyork ($30) or select retail stores nationwide.

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