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There’s something about aging that makes you up the ante on all things skincare. I wasn’t this hardcore when I was in my 20s. You see I’m cursed with oily and acne-prone skin; and now, maturing skin. But who’s spared anyway? Even Cameron Diaz can’t hide her wrinkles in high definition- screen.

Truth is, we can all whine about lackluster sagging skin or do something about it. Enter Jurlique Herbal Recovery Advanced Serum (30ml for $54, 100ml for $150).

What the website says: “this youth defense concentrate serum features a proprietary active complex: Naturadiance PB18+ to help reduce the appearance of fine lines, help increase elasticity, restore radiance and increase hydration, while antioxidants create a natural defense shield to help protect against environmental aggressors. Leaves skin visibly glowing, hydrated and younger-looking”.

Key ingredients:

Exclusive Naturadiance PB18+ complex combines 15 Bio-Intrinsic TM botanical extracts with 3 breakthrough ingredients to deliver potent antioxidant properties to help protect, revitalize and enhance your skin’s recovery cycle.

Persian Silk Extract to help strengthen skin cell capacity to shield against environmental stress.

Whu-Zhu-Yu Extract possesses excellent microcirculation boosting and skin smoothing properties.

Peach Leaf Extract to help recover skin vitality and promote cellular regeneration.

What my skin says: “similar to other Jurlique’s serum, this new product is housed in a sturdy glass bottle. I like that it has a pump for obvious sanitary reasons. The fragrance is part floral, part-herbal, a tad strong initially but dissipates once it’s absorbed onto the skin. I use it morning and evening, after toner and before moisturizer. It comes in a lightweight gel formula”.

I actually read your mind as I type this next question. “What’s the difference between a serum and moisturizer? A serum is usually more concentrated than a moisturizer. Its molecules are smaller which allows the ingredients to penetrate deeply into the skin. A moisturizer on the other hand makes the skin hydrated but it remains on the top layer of the skin.

Gut- feel tells me you have a follow-up question. Do you need both serum and moisturizer? Yes and no. Yes if you want to reap the true benefits of serum whilst keeping your skin supple and hydrated. No if you’re satisfied with a moisturizer alone. But if you’re slowly turning into a hardcore like moi, it’s never too late to start using a face serum.

You can buy Jurlique from the company’s website and Sephora.

Have you tried Jurlique?


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