Don’t let the photo deceive you, it’s the same woman my lovely readers! 

Dark undereye circles are probably the most common dilemma millions of us women can relate to. But what exactly causes them? Let me count the ways….

(Source: Mayo Clinic)

1. Genes

2. Asian or African descent

3. Aging

4. Lack of sleep
5. Stress

6. Medical issues such as allergy, anemia, liver problems, etc.

It’s 4 out of 6 for moi, what about you? Fret not, there’s always a quick fix for that. Either you splurge on laser treatments or camouflage it with makeup. It’s completely your choice but today I’m sharing how I hide my dreaded dark circles.

1. Start with a clean face. Wash, tone, moisturize. Wear sunscreen during daytime.
2. Apply eye cream or gel. Skip if you have extremely oily skin.
3. Apply foundation as you normally would.
4. With your ring finger or concealer brush, apply concealer (I prefer 2 shades lighter than my normal skin tone) in a triangular pattern, as shown in the photo.
5. Blend and buff onto skin with concealer brush, then set with loose transparent powder.
6. Keep eye makeup neutral and skip black eyeliner.
7. Use flesh-toned, white or champagne eyeliner to line waterline. Highlight inner corner with champagne eyeshadow. This brightens the eye area.
8. Curl and coat lashes with black mascara. Need pointers on how to make those lashes curled all day? I have a tutorial here.

Is there anything makeup can’t do?

til our next quick fix beauties,


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