What is it about candles and makeups? I mean, most women I know that are into makeups adore candles too. A gurl thing perhaps?

A ring in every candle, no kidding. So when folks from Diamond Candles contacted and asked me if this is something my readers will like, I said yes. Makeups and candles, they exist in a fabulous woman’s world.

Say that again, a ring in every candle? Yep, worth anywhere from $10 to $5000, these rings are the unique selling proposition of the company, alongside its all-natural soy ingredient.

So how do you get the ring out of the candle? Burn and let it melt of course.

Much as I am excited to see the mysterious ring, I let the candle melt on its own. After all, patience is a virtue. I chose cupcake scent. It is lightly fragrant and sweet, as to be expected. So after 20 hours (or total of 5 nights, at 4 hrs burn-time each) , the ring was finally revealed!

Use a tweezer to take it out from the melted wax

Dainty isn’t it? I don’t think it’s worth $5000, not even $100. But it’s the thought which counts. With that said, this candle ring makes a nice present to your bestie or sissy!

I just wish the ring was adjustable though as it won’t fit with my Thumbelina fingers.

Curious about Diamond Candles? You can buy here ($24.95)

Love candles? Win and pick your fave scent by entering this giveaway. Open to USA residents only, and you must be at least 18 years old. Runs 8/25/13 to 9/8/13. Winner will be contacted via email. Diamond Candles will ship your prize. 

Okay, make sure that you have read, understood and agreed to TheFabZilla giveaway guidelines. Wait for Rafflecopter widget to load.

Good luck!

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