You’ve heard and read about it. Fashion designer Marc Jacobs is coming out with a beauty line exclusively sold at Sephora and select Marc Jacobs store beginning August 9, 2013. As a Sephora Beauty Insider, I received an email for a sneak peek of his collection; and being half-asleep as I was (no thanks to Nyquil) this palette was added to my virtual cart in a flash.

At $59 for seven eyeshadows, my being sick with cough and cold made it as an excuse, more like chicken soup for the soul. This woman gotta have it, you see she’s coughing and sneezing. Maybe Marc Jacobs will be her healing oil. So imagine my excitement when finally this baby arrived last weekend!

Housed in a handy and sleek black case with add-on pouch and eyeshadow applicator (the ones that you throw because you trust your eyeshadow brush better), I am more than thrilled to try and swatch the eyeshadows. After all, I paid $59 for quality more than aesthetics. As you can see from the photos, it has a mirror and a push-button to open the case. It has a plastic cover with imprinted Marc Jacobs to sort of protect the eyeshadows.

Investigating further, I was a little disappointed that a very creative Marc Jacobs forgot to name the eyeshadows. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7: by far the most imaginative palette, and I say that with sarcasm this time.

202 The Tease is basically a purple palette as four out of the seven shades are on the purple-ish side. It’s a mix of matte, sheen and metallic finishes. Three are soft and buttery, two are powdery. The rest are just okay.

1 is dark purple with shimmery finish. It’s easy to apply and blend but fades when buffed and blended out so reapplication is highly encouraged.

2 is gray-purple matte. It is moderately pigmented and a little powdery. I use this for smudging my lower lash line.

3 is pinkish- white with slight sheen finish. I use it mostly for highlighting my brow arch.

4 is pale beige with sheen finish, a little powdery again.

5 is pink frost. It’s buttery and pigmented; my favorite from this palette.

6 is purple-pink matte. It makes a nice transition color from the crease up.

7 is dark purple glitter. While it applies nicely, the glitter factor is negligible as I can hardly see anything  glittery in my eyes.

Worn with eye primer, the wearability is about six hours. There’s an obvious fading issue by the 8th hour.

The skinny. If you’re a high-end brand collector who is curious about the whole Marc Jacobs Beauty hype, I can see you buying this palette wide awake, just because. If you are a makeup lover who wants to join the MJ (Marc Jacobs) beauty bandwagon, I can also see you buying it; to each his own, right? But if you are the value-for-money-type consumer, this is not your new manna from heaven. It’s an okay, average palette. Nice to have but not a must-have, if that makes sense to you.

My take on 202 The Tease. 

And some more….

Are you curious to buy Marc Jacobs Beauty? I want to try the lippy next time.



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