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For someone who lived her life practically dealing with the notoriety of zits and visible pores, being acne-free for three straight weeks is one helluva huge deal. Hormonal changes? Probably. Skincare miracle? who knows. 

When I received FutureDerm Vitamin CE 16 + 2 Serum for review, I wasn’t expecting a lot. I mean, I know it’s a serum that has Vitamins C and E, plus caffeic acid. I didn’t read what the ingredients are supposed to do for my skin. In short, I just let my entire experience speak for itself.

Oh it’s thick and tacky, will it make my oily skin even oilier? that was honestly my initial reaction. But being your adventurous human guinea pig, I bit the bullet and just went on with it. 

The proof is in the bottle.
It’s really concentrated and can get messy! 

It’s sticky compared to other serums I have tried. It has a mild citrus scent which is invigorating. I attempted using it for daytime (under moisturizer, before primer & makeup) but I found it a bit longer to get absorbed onto the skin (I’m always rushing in the morning so every minute counts). Not to be deterred by this trivial concern, I decided to use this exclusively at night. So here goes my regimen: cleanse, tone, this serum, then moisturizer. It’s noteworthy to share that during the first week I used this, my three huge zits are already in their dry stage. And if you are no stranger to acne like myself, you know that the next challenge is to lighten those dark spots. On my second week, I noticed that these spots have lightened. Third week, they’re almost gone. So what could’ve been the reason for this skin transformation? 

FutureDerm Vitamin CE 16 + 2 Serum ingredients:

Cyclomethicone, Dimethicone Crosspolymer-3, Ascorbic acid, Dimethicone, Bis-vinyl Dimethicone/Dimethicone copolymer, Tetrahexyldexyl ascorbate, Tocopherol, Caffeic acid.

For reference, Ascorbic acid is Vitamin C (antioxidant); Tocopherol is Vitamin E (antioxidant); Caffeic acid is an antioxidant found in many plant including coffee beans. FutureDerm has 16% Vitamin C and 2% Vitamin E, thus the brand description CE 16 + 2. The micro-encapsulated Vitamin C is designed to continuously nourish the skin of Vitamin C  for up to eight hours.

I’m sure you know that Vitamin C has numerous documented benefits on the skin, including brightening age spots and firming skin; Vitamin E protects the skin from signs of aging; while Caffeic acid helps reduce puffiness under the eyes. Science has the facts, my face has the proof.

When it comes to skincare, I don’t promise that the same great results will happen to you but if you are to base it solely from my experience, I am more than glad to have fed my skin with FutureDerm. *throws confetti*

Where to buy? FutureDerm website ($89, 1 fl oz/ 30 ml). Free shipping when you use the code fabzilla.

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