I rarely do haul posts because (1) I don’t want my nosy friends to know my stash (2) I don’t want to create a vibe that I do nothing but shop (3) I don’t want to be an enabler for impulse-buying.

If you know me down to my colon, you know that I am just bullshit*in’, haha! Of course what I just wrote was an utter joke. Truth is, I’d rather post reviews of specific products that I like or hate, rave or rant, love or leave because that will make more sense to you as a reader and me as a writer.

But today is quite an exemption because I had literally used up all the masks I bought from The Face Shop in less than a week. Yeah, I happened to find one store by Ward Warehouse (Honolulu) while checking out some kitchen stuff two doors away.

Can I tell you something? I’ve always admired Korean skin. Why on earth my fez can never be that smooth and flawless? Ugh! While for the most part it’s all in the genes, it can’t be denied that skincare plays a big role as well. So enter The Face Shop, an all- Korean brand and so far the only exclusive Asian skincare and makeup store I know around Oahu (Hawaii).

Their nail polishes are very affordable, at $7 or less. Quality is good, in fact those nails you see up there lasted five days sans chipping.

This New Zealand Volcanic Clay is the bomb (about $6 per pack of 7). Forgive the quality of the photo, I just “borrowed” it from my Instagram. I have been using this black head aloe vera nose strip once a week and it literally is my fave from the batch. While stripping is a bit uncomfortable (tears, baby, tears!), those nasty white and black heads sitting from the strip made it feel like a legit victory! My nose feels smooth and clean after.

The masks are addicting. For one, they’re only $2-5 each. It’s my own version of home spa. 10-15 minutes of uninterrupted bliss; lying down, eyes closed. That’s how I roll.

No ounce of fabulosity here but who cares. It’s a coincidence that I was wearing the same top on two different occasions. My face feels heaven nonetheless.

This cleansing tissue is my favorite makeup remover at the moment ($3 for 20 sheets). It smells good, very gentle, yet it removes even a waterproof eyeliner with so much ease!

This pore minimizer is another recent favorite ($14, 130ml). I like the vintage-y glass bottle and the scent is relaxing. It’s a controlling toner with powder that keeps sebum in check. It has mushroom and ivy extract which clean and minimize pores. It also has kaolin (mineral powder) that helps draw oil from pores. It does the job ladies!

There are so many more products I’d like to try so I was bummed not being able to make it to the opening of their new store at Waimalu Plaza yesterday (8/3/13). Geez, the line was too long, this woman is not cut out for waiting and standing outside. Got no patience for that.

Oh well there’s always a next time.

Do you have The Face Shop near you? Have you tried their products? What’s your fave?


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8 thoughts on “A Very Rare Haul Post: The Face Shop

  • Ooooh I love products from the Face Shop! The Herb Day wipes are now part of my client kit and I use that when I need to change their makeup during a shoot. I got some products from the pore minimizer line for the hubby and it worked – his skin used to be oily, now its normal.

    Their nail polish doesn't seem to last very long with me – it chips after a day. What do you do to make it last longer?

    • Great to know you love The Face Shop as well! I'm new to this brand and there are more products I want to try!! As for the nail polish, I don't do anything fancy, just a base coat, then 2 coats of nail polish, then top coat. I use nutra nail bullet-proof strengthening formula for both top and base.

  • It looks so organic, isnt it an Korean brand?

  • I've heard of the store but they aren't in Michigan. I love your pictures!!

  • Oooo look at all those fun skincare goodies! I did some googling and found that there is a Face Shop in a large Korean grocery store just a short distance from me. Guess who's taking a trip next week?? Thanks for sharing, can't wait to check out this brand!

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