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Cat eyes. Some days you nail it,  some nights you fail.

You start out clean then end looking mean. 

Oh cat eyes! difficult as you are,
you make women look fabulous near or far!

Feeling poetic, that’s what a liquid eyeliner can do for you. The sole reason? Kat Von D Tattoo Liner ($18, Sephora). Honestly, whether you’re a noob or pro, this liner makes cat eyes easy peasy. No sweat girly, ‘lemme tell you why.

Available in five colors, I purchased Maya (chocolate brown) because I’m getting tired of the classic ‘ole black liquid liners. Okay, it’s a lame excuse to use so I rest my case. It’s an impulse purchase what else, haha!

As you can see from the photos, this liquid liner has a fine felt-tip point which makes lining very precise. So whether you’re leaning towards thick or thin cat eyes, the result is fantabulous. The tip is soft, you never have to drag your eyes ever. My tip for winging it easy? Don’t over-analyze, just do it. I have a separate tutorial using a pencil eyeliner, promise I’ll do one for liquid next time.

One great thing about Kat Von D Tattoo liner? Smearing was never a problem for me. I wear makeup 10-12 hrs the most, and this stayed on until I’m ready to wipe it off. Color depth is relative but I had to go over the line twice to achieve a darker brown finish, but ya’ know it’s my preference.

So if you’re still struggling with cat eyes and came to a conclusion that it could be your eyeliner and not your damn shaky hands, then yeah Kat Von D Tattoo Liner is worth a try!

Have you tried this brand?

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8 thoughts on “Kat Von D Tattoo Liner Makes Cat Eyes Easy Peasy (Review)

  • I just reviewed a liner that I think makes cat eyes easier, too. Kat's is cheaper, though. Maybe it would be a good alternative! I like how soft the brown is on you.

  • I love Kat Von D makeup, but have yet to try this. The felt tip pen looks nice. I might have to buy it.

  • I have oily lids and have never used a liquid liner but am willing to try, do you think its better than pencils, which don't stay on either even though they are waterproof!

    • Hi Mara! Thanks for stopping by. I'm hoping you're using an eye primer since you didn't mention about it. I have oily lids as well and eye primer is a great makeup saver. So far I've had good and smudge-free results with this, along with stila and Eddie funkhouser. They can withstand sweat, even after a rigorous workout

  • Hi! DO you think this eyeliner will stay put on oily lids? I've tried a bazillion pencils and nothing seems to work!


  • Anonymous

    Try out the Graffiti Creme Eye Pencil by EDDIE FUNKHOUSER. Launching online November 6th. http://www.eddiefunkhouser.com. It stays in place and will not move until your ready to take it off.

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