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Much as I am into fun bright colors for summer all year-round, I must say I haven’t been that experimental with my lashes. Reason being, my eyelashes are borderline boring they only respond to short-lived awesomeness, thanks to the ‘ole great black mascara! 

But never say nevah! Today I’m sharing with you an interesting find, a violet mascara made by Real Purity ($15), an organic company founded by registered nurse/ licensed cosmetologist and esthetician Virgina Easterling. 

So what makes Real Purity really pure? First it’s note-worthy to mention that Ms. Easterling is already into organics ‘biz way back in the mid- 80s. In fact, Real Purity is one of the first companies in the world to have focused on 100% natural and organic health and beauty products. Four generations later, her company remains cruelty-free, with products still made in the USA.

Don’t you think less is more when it comes to all- natural and/or organic product? How’s this for a mascara?

Ingredients: Purified Water, Beeswax, Glycerin, Candellila Wax, Cellulose, Pure Plant Extracts (Sage, Ivy, Pycnogenol), Iron Oxides. 

No kidding, that is one of the shortest list I have come across with in a long time!

But does it make any difference at all? Let’s see.

For the nth time, check out my natural lashes (top right). Now you understand my predicament: Lifeless= boring=bleh. Coated twice with Real Purity mascara, there is somewhat an improvement but definitely not in tarantula proportion! Natural-looking is more like it, don’t you think so?

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.  While this mascara didn’t give me the length and volume (it never claimed to be one anyways), I like the fact that it didn’t irritate my eyes. It also didn’t smear, flake or smudge the whole ten hours I was wearing it so big props for that!

Face of the Day

If you support cruelty-free products and love organic brands, I say why not add Real Purity to your list?   Honestly, I am curious to try their lippies and eye makeups!

til my next post beauties,


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