As in my previous fitness posts, I’d like to begin with a disclaimer that I am not a professional fitness instructor or trying to be one by any means. I’m like you. There are times that I’m just too lazy to even stretch out. Sometimes I pig out during weekends. And yeah brownies make me weak at the knees. But I have kept my ideal weight because my body is already trained to follow what my mind says. Discipline folks, that’s the key.

Have I always been this health-concious? No. In my early to late 20s, I was at my chunkiest, very sickly, and with borderline high blood sugar. Food was my stress-reliever. I work hard. I eat hardest. Then my marketing job led me to an ultimate a-ha moment. I dealt with patients suffering from chronic kidney disease whose main lifeline is dialysis. Chronic kidney disease is the aftermath of long-standing diabetes and/ or hypertension. Diabetes and hypertension are common among obese individuals. Lifestyle-related? surely they are.

You see at my age now, I don’t strive to be Victoria’s Secret skinny. I am happy with my body even though some friends tell me I have lost so much weight that I looked different from way back then. But of course! One thing I would tell you though, I have never felt this fit in my whole thirty nine years of existence. That’s why I made a personal goal: I want to be Fit and Fab at Four-O.

So are you ready to read my super practical tips to keep you tip-top fit?

1. Choose exercise which you enjoy the most and commit to it. If you think diet alone can cut the fat, think again my dahlings! As we age, our metabolism slows down because our lifestyle has become more sedentary. You take the elevator instead of stairs. You park at the nearest entrance so you don’t have to walk more.

‘Been there, done that. Yoga, boxing, treadmill, I enjoyed attending a few sessions then quit. Reason being, it ain’t for me. Treadmill for instance, bores the hell out of me. However when I dance, I sweat big time and feel happy & revved up after. So there, you have to find that exercise which you enjoy the most and stick to it. Recently, hula hoop is my thing. My waist lost two inches in about a month of gyration, at 10- minutes, 3x a week.

2. F*ck fad diets, train yourself to eat everything in moderation. Sure you have to watch what you eat, less carbs and cholesterol for the win! But the more you deprive yourself of nicer things to eat, the more you will cheat the very next day. Believe it or not, I have the sweetest tooth but I have conditioned my mind that I can’t have 500-calorie Dove chocolates in one sitting. One bite size is enough to satisfy that fondness. You don’t have to eat every food in the buffet table. Choose fish over pork, pile up on veggies and cut back on your starch intake. Drink water in between, it helps you fill up, trust moi.

3. If you can’t eat fruits, drink ’em. Making your own smoothie rather than buying is a healthier alternative. But if you’re on the go like me, try RE. It’s sold in most whole food stores and Cotsco. It’s packed with 21 fruits (yes you read it right). You got apples, apricot, blueberry, mangosteen, grapes. pear, among others. It’s like your super antioxidant in a bottle. You may not like the color though, it’s dark brown and the taste is a ‘lil strong so I mix it with ice and chug. Revive!

// PR Sample //

4. Your mama was right, drink water! It sounds cliche but water has enormous benefits to our body. Drinking 8 glasses a day may seem like a big challenge but I gotta tell you, between soda and water, opt for the latter. I have a big jug of water I bring to work and that’s my fuel in between patient care and admin work. 99% of the time, it’s empty by the time I’m ready to go home. Water makes your skin look supple and youthful, it removes toxins from the body, it improves digestive system, the list goes on. There’s a study published in 2002 in the American Journal of Medical Epidemiology which stated that drinking at least five glasses of water a day reduces heart attack compared to those who drink less than two glasses a day.

5. Share your weight loss journey to your loved ones and friends. Moral support is important to keep the fire burning. Document your progress if you must, keep a food journal, blog if you have one. As in any challenge, knowing that you have the support of those who matter to you keeps you motivated. Ignore those who have nothing but shit to say. I’ve had “friends” who called me names when I was fat and still called me names now that I beat the bulge. It’s about my life and health, not them.

I wish you success in your health journey. Just do it!

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2 thoughts on “5 Super Practical Tips To Keep You Tip-Top Fit!

  • I agree with all of your tips! I am not extremely committed to the gym but I try to go a few days a week and not beat myself up when I don't. I have found, when I get bored with things, I have to mix it up or I won't go.

    • Great job Arielle! For the most part, staying fit is all about self-discipline. I've been sick the last 2 wks so I haven't been able to exercise. Hoping to get mojo back really soon

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