Here’s a a quick summer eye makeup for dummies. No, I don’t mean to insult anyone. It’s like the “dummies” self-help series book. So no pun intended, entiendes?

If you’re like me who’s always rushing getting ready for work or you’re noob to the whole makeup thingimajig, playing up your waterline with bright summer colors can instantly transform your face from drab to fab. And believe me when I say that you can achieve this cuteness in under five minutes. In fact this has been my go-to eye makeup the past week. 

1. Apply eye primer. With the hot weather, you don’t want your eye makeup to melt.

2. Apply your favorite neutral eyeshadow on eyelids.

3. Line your upper lash line (or lower) with black eye pencil.

4. Line your lower lash line/ waterline with bright eye pencil. Seal it with the same shade of eyeshadow to prolong the makeup.

5. Finish with two coats of mascara.

See you’re done in a fart. That fast, hahaha!



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