Bite Beauty is a new acquaintance to my makeup arsenal. I’m supposed to be on a no-makeup purchase vow but this eye candy talked to me like I’m a damsel in need of serious counseling.

Ms. Pastille Lavender: oh dear, what brought you here?

Moi: I’m not telling, my lips are sealed.

Ms. Pastille Lavender: I can see that! Your lips are dry and dulll.

Moi: Yeah right, and who are you to tell me that?

Ms. Pastille Lavender: Tweety bird told me you like French pastille candies. 

That’s my inspiration for this lipstick collection

Moi (picks and reads): Hmm, matte and creme, interesting!

Ms. Pastille Lavender: Honey, add this to your sweet craving: this lippy is made

from natural and food-grade ingredients

Moi: Really? The proof is in the eating. Wait a minute….

Damsel’s swatch of pastille lavender: a sheer pinkish- lavender

Key ingredients: Trans-Resveratrol (antixoxidant), organic shea butter, vitamins E and C.

The real deal. This lipstick is housed in a sturdy gray tube with rubber-like finish.  While it is scratch-resistant and fingerprint-proof, uncapping is a tad difficult. C’mon, at $24 I look for magnificence! It is indeed creamy with a semi-matte finish. It survived coffee sips but was entirely wiped out after a hearty meal. It’s so hydrating you don’t need a lip balm at all. There are four lovely shades from the Pastille collection: Lilac (fuchsia), Violet (bright violet), Lavender, Rosebud (scarlet red). I like how lavender goes with any makeup I wear, or outfit to that effect!

Damsel in pastille lavender.

Distress? No more!

Long story short, that woman who was counseled (or tricked) by Ms. Pastille Lavender totally broke her promise. Reports say she’s on her way to Sephora to buy and refill her Bite prescriptions. Story of her life. But ‘ey, it’s worth the bite!


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10 thoughts on “Why Bite Beauty Matte Creme Lipstick (Pastille Lavender) Is Worth The Bite

  • Not my shade, But the ingredients and work sounds amazing

  • The shade looks very beautiful on you, Kath! I have been wanting to try BITE forever.

  • Anonymous

    Their Lush Lip Tints are equally wonderful, and yes, totally worth the bite!

  • GORGEOUS COLOR ON YOU! Did you hear about their Cuvée Deluxe Lipstick Collection? It's made from luxurious champagne grapes and they only made 1200 of each shade! The limited edition alert in my brain is going off hard core for it! I'm holding off though… I'm dying to see what it looks and feels like though!

  • I am a serious lippie addict! I carry about 20 balms, stains, lipsticks, liners, glosses in my purse daily!!!! Bite products rock….and last forever because they have awesome pigmentation, staying power and are sooo good for you. Well worthevery penny and I can't seem to stay away lol…..ya'll would definitely love Bite. Enjoy!

    • Hi Sherry. Sorry for my very late response. How on earth I missed replying to you! Yay to us lippy hoarders, hahaha. My hub says why do I have so many lipsticks…. oh well, these are the things only women can understand. Have you tried Bite's limited edition lippy?

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