Are you fun and fearless? warm and cozy? sun-kissed? Tell me your kind. Say anything except the third kind.

If you have Victoria’s Secret store near you, I bet you won’t miss these goody jars of luminous body butter sold for $15 each or $30 for 3. Great deal I must say! Depending on your olfactory inclination, you have eight variants to choose from: Pretty and pure, Wild and breezy, Fun and fearless, Fresh and clean, Wild at heart, Sweet and flirty, Warm and cozy, and Sun-kissed.

My personal picks from my last VS retail therapy were: Fun and Fearless (water lily and currant), my top fave; Warm and Cozy (toasted vanilla and peony) which smells more floral than vanilla; Sun-kissed (coconut water and sunny vanilla) which is perfect for summer, that is if you like coconut scent!

Now that we’re springing into summer, are these body butters thick and heavy for the hot season? I don’t know about your preference but for me (and I live in Hawaii where the mighty sun never sleeps; okay there are days it does!), I love ’em. They’re quite thick but never greasy. There is subtle luminosity to it which makes your legs or arms glow. I alternate all three, as evidenced by finger marks you can see from the jar. Lavish much?

Have you tried Pink yet?


*Own purchase*

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2 thoughts on “So Which Pink Are You? Victoria’s Secret Pink Luminous Body Butter

  • Now I realize indeed you live in Hawaii so no spring winter Colors for you . The same as me, I live on an Island too. So those products are for us for the whole year 🙂 … Ok december it rains allot here.

    • yay to us island girls! one thing living in oahu is it's a small island but have different weathers depending on where you are. it's funny coz when you're on the freeway, you start with sun then uddenly rain then sun then rain again, and it's just one stretch!

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