Okay let me say first that I’m in no way a fitness guru. In fact, this word shguru gives me inexplicable goosebumps, especially when loosely uttered by some kiddos or inexperienced peeps from nowherelandia. Well you know what I mean so this statement needs no elaboration. 

Unbeknownst to most of you, I used to write fitness topics when my blog is still in its micro nano size stage, which was like two years ago. Then beauty and whatnot took the limelight and boom! I totally forgot about it. My my my bad! You see in my mid 20s up until early 30s, I was in my chunkiest but with exercise and diet, I triumphed over the bulge! So my personal goal as I approach my late (very) 30s is to be fit, ripped perhaps? Truth is, I want to be Fit and Fab when I hit the Four-O. 

One thing that motivates me to get my ass off the couch is to do something I seriously love. Dancing is one of them. Twenty minutes gyrating to J Lo or jumping to Black Eyes Peas music can burn 300 or so calories. That’s  one slice of pizza for you mama!

Recently, hula hoop is gaining popularity again. Thanks to celebrities like Kelly Osbourne, Beyonce, Zooey Deschanel, even our First Lady Michelle Obama! Then I remember we have this old and dusty hula hoop hibernating in the closet for years.

If you’re on Instagram and happen to follow mine, you probably remember that my hula hoop amazement (obsession) started two weeks ago. Well I’m happy to say that moi is still on the roll, doing nonstop rounds for 15 minutes (with another 15 minutes dedicated to hip hop dancing), thrice a week. Yep, all of that twisting and turning happening in the backyard. Dogzilla enjoys it. Hubzilla supports it.

So if you’re into hula hoop or simply looking for a super fun way to get fit, I highly encourage this hip and leg-shaping exercise! Blast that music girl and get ready to hoopla!

My warm-up: Raise leg while holding hula hoop (I do 50 sets each leg)
Amp it up! Hold the hoop up, down, side to side.

Shaking to Shakira
Woo! Get down on it
Scream and shout and let it all out

Stretch and shake baby shake

Girl move that body

What’s your fave exercise to get fit?


P.S. If you want to know how I lost weight, click the “Fitness” tab section of this blog and there you will find my story and  tips (some routines have changed though).

Till my next fitness post beauties….

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