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I’m the type who works out in my regular tee, bra, shorts or sometimes leggings. Ya ‘know, nuthin’ fancy. I work out at home so what’s the big deal. Then I realized with all the jumping and hip swaying, thanks to dancing and more recently hula hooping, I’m not getting enough back, breast, and tummy support. Not that I’m oozing in the boobage department though.

Sweat can look fabulous. With the right workout clothes and gear, I know I can. Why not. So in my recent trip to Target, I found some cute and comfy workout clothes by Champion. There’s not much selection to choose from so I settled for these neon pink and black sports bra (about $22 each) and pair of capris ($33) with neon pink trimmings on the side. The sports bra is made from cotton and has removable pads while the capris are part polyester-slash-spandex.

I have mentioned dancing as my fat-buster in several of my fitness posts. It sure does. Regardless whether you have the moves or you’re left-legged, just blast that music bella and dance in your living room. Commitment to a routine works best when you love and enjoy what you’re doing. That’s why treadmill ain’t for me. I need variety of moves such as hip hop and belly dance. Hip hop is a high impact exercise. I mix it with hula hoop, aerobics and sometimes yoga.  Sweat to the max it is my dahlings!

What’s your exercise like?


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2 thoughts on “Get Fab & Fit! Mini-Haul/ Workout Clothes from Target

  • I have those sports bras from Champion and love them! I had a bunch of different ones from last year (the tie-dye ones) but I love these new ones because of the pads in them, more support. I need to get those capris though. I have the looser version of these and wear them constantly. Can you tell I am a Target-aholic??

    • My Tina, are you sure you're not a Target stockholder? LOL! But seriously, I love going to Target too. I have to check out those loose capris!!!

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