Like I previously mentioned, I’m not trying to be a fitness expert-ala-Jillian Michaels. I’m just your regular gal committed to a healthy lifestyle. So today I’ll show you how I squeeze a quickie exercise when I’m at work. Yep, during my lunch break! 

No, I don’t change to workout clothes. But just so you know, I wear pants at work so doing these steps are kind of easy breezy for me. Granting you’re Ms. Pants as well, may I ask that you remove your sky-high pumps now, go online, click Pandora, and play that Pitbull music gurl!

Step 1. Raise your left leg up and down to your side and count 1 to 60 (60 times = 60 seconds = one minute). Raise leg as high as possible. It’s okay to stop at 30, inhale, exhale then continue. 

Step 2. Now do the opposite leg (right) and repeat the same step 60 times.

Step 3. Switch it up. Raise your right leg up and down to your back 60 times. Raise leg as high as possible.

Step 4. Repeat the same step to your left leg. Count 1 to 60.

Step 5. Finally, let’s do the wide sumo squat. Stand with your legs slightly wider than shoulder width, with feet turned out. Do deep squats 60 times.

Panting in between? March for 10- 20 seconds then follow steps as mentioned. You will notice that as days go by, your body has adjusted to the pace.

Done now? Congrats, we just completed a no-brainer yet butt-and-leg-toning exercise! Of course this is meant to supplement your other workout routines (gym, yoga, or in my case hula hoop and hip hop dance). 

Now back to your desk woman!



P.S. If you are into fitness, would love to get back in shape, or trying to lose weight, join me as I commit to my goal: Fit and Fab at Four-O. Learn more about it in the Fitness section of this blog.

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